10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

With thousands of dry herb vaporizers available, it can be difficult for any one person to sort the good from the bad. So we’ve left it to the experts who have spent years testing and researching on your behalf. Here are a few of the opinions from the pros that know over at TheVape Guide, collected for this nifty top 10 list of dry herb vapes that include something for everyone:

DaVinci IQ

Probably the best dry herb vaporizer overall, the DaVinci IQ is perfect for first timers and experienced vapers alike because users can customize all of its temporary settings. Its vapor is cool, thick, richly flavored and protected by premium materials and an exceptional design that builds in a zirconia air path to keep the vapor cool.


Deservingly nicknamed “the Apple of vaporizers”, the PAX 3 has a sleek aesthetic and emphasis on functional convenience. Its high-tech features include Bluetooth, haptic feedback, heating/cooling activated by lip-sensing technology and even a smartphone app. It is also compatible with wax (other dual-use vapes worth checking out are the Haze Dual V3 and the V2 Series 7, which can vaporize liquids as well).

Arizer Solo 2

The largest device on this list, the Arizer Solo 2 sacrifices in portability but achieves an outstanding quality of vapor, reliable performance and comfort even for new vapers. It is perfect for at-home use by individuals or in groups and comes with an updated LED display, a glass stem mouthpiece and a comfortable grip-able body shape.

Hydrology 9

The Hydrology 9 vaporizer is unique because of its bong-style design that includes an inner chamber, customizable air vents, a water-filtration cooling system and a stirring stick that lowers waste to maximize efficiency. If you are looking to intrigue and impress your friends at your next party, look no further than this – the Hydrology’s LED light system is both beautiful and functional, colorfully displaying its temperature settings and battery level.

Firefly 2

The Firefly 2 is the undisputed winner when it comes to the best flavor and vapor quality. It uses a convection heating system that separates the dry herb from the heat source to preserve the herb for later use, and utilizes a premium-quality vapor path built out of glass. In short, this is the ideal solo vape.


Group vaping requires lengthy battery life and large, attention-grabbing designs. The Mighty lasts up to eight sessions (or over 80 minutes!) of vaping, whereas the Crafty is smaller but still impressive, lasting about half of this time.


A simple interface and a well-balanced, ergonomic design make the G Pen ELITE a favorite vape for new users looking for something user-friendly. It features an LCD screen, a ceramic oven and temperature controls that are simple but precise.


If you are looking for a durable vape suitable for outdoor use or extreme conditions, the Summit+ gives you everything that you could possibly want – vibration alarms, glove-friendly buttons and a magnetic load chamber. It is extremely practical and perfect for camping, snowboarding and anybody outdoorsy.

Atmos VICOD 5G

The Atmos VICOD 5G is targeted to beginners. It is both cheaper and easier to use than any other vaporizers that produce such high quality vapor. It produces enough vapor for even short draws, with minimal resistance – as close as vaporizers can get to ‘point-and-shoot’ efficiency.

Atmos JUMP

The Atmos Jump is a slim, portable dry herb vape pen. Available for only $60, it is clearly the best quality vape available in this lower price range because it shows off the newest evolutions in vaporizer technology. Perfect for solo use, the JUMP includes a small oven and a simple, one-button interface.

Final Thoughts

Make sure you check out The Vape Guide for the best best lists on the internet–including the best dry herb vaporizers available on today’s market. They’ve got lists for everything you could possibly want to vape and for whatever you’d like to vape from! Check them out for comprehensive, authoritative information on all things vaping.