10 Unbelievable Facts About Countries Around The Globe

As of today, there are 195 countries in the world; and if you are willing to consider the much debated Taiwan as a country the number goes up to 196. Now, as an informed global citizen, you may believe that you know all important details about these countries around the globe; but we bet you didn’t know this crazy stuff.

So, here are 10 unbelievable facts about countries around the globe.

  1. In Denmark, you need to select a name for your child from a list of 7000 states approved names

All around the world, people name their babies whatever they want; but not in Denmark! The country famous for its strict laws has a list of 7000 states approved names from where you can choose a suitable one for your baby. In case you are not quite happy with the names on the list and want to be a bit more creative, you need to submit the proposed name to the state for approval.


Now, if you are thinking the whole name approval thing is just a formality, then you sure don’t know the Danish! Every year almost 12-20% off all the proposed names is declined by the state and a baby may have to go without a name for weeks, even months!

Want to know the reason behind this bizarre law? The Govt does not want a baby to be ridiculed for the rest of its life in an account of a funny name given by its parents. As a baby have no means to defend its right for a respectable name, the Govt has taken up the responsibility to put a stop to the parents’ mindlessness or trust to look hip!

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