17 Soldiers Killed and 19 injured in Uri Terror Attack

Militants have killed 17 soldiers and injured 19 army soldiers in a suicide attack on an Army Chavni in Kashmir. This was one of the most deadly terror attacks on Indian Army held in recent times where 4 terrorists struck on the army base camp close to the 12th Brigade Headquarter at Uri in Baramulla District (Kashmir). By putting the death toll in consideration, 7 force personnel had been killed in January 2006 terror attack held in Pathankot, the attack on the Indian Air Force base.

Credit: KhabarIndia

This, Uri terror attack casualties is the resultant of the fact that a huge number of troopers, from the Dogra Regiment, had been positioned at the camp in tents along with other brief structures. Various tents were flamed during this terror attack which made the fire spread along with other part of the barracks. The troopers had been positioned there as they wall were turning over from a duty tour.

4 fully loaded tourists stuck the army base camp in the early morning around 4 a.m. They have been successfully neutralized by the Indian Army, and combing operations are currently under the way for the purpose of sanitizing the entire area. It is believed that this Uri terror attack was the handiwork of all those militants who were infiltrated across the LoC from PoK, who might have entered through Salamabad Nallan into the Uri.

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