2.0 May Win the Tag of India’s Biggest

As per the public opinions so far,  Akshay Kumar and Rajnikant starrer 2.0 is expected to win the biggest film instead of Baahubali.Here we bring to you the reason behind the same.Rajnikanth and Shankar’s upcoming flick 2.0 is driving the audience crazy. The project is Hollywood level with VFX, music, cast and direction being top notch.


The most renowned director Shankar Shanmugam and b-towns biggest stars such as Rajnikanth, Akshay Kumar and Amy Jackson came together for this Magnum Opus.
And this is why, the movie is expected to present sophisticated technology like its prequel Enthiran but this time on the much larger scale.

2.0 is giving tough competition to Baahubali in terms of likes on social media for the title of India’s recent biggest film.  And considering the public response, we feel that 2.0 might win the race with Baahubali and also win the title.

With 2.0 the ‘Khiladi of bollywood’ Akshay Kumar is making his Tamil debut as an antagonist. Starting in a new industry with a negative role, says a lot about the movie. It means that the storyline of the film is so convincing that he couldnt resist being a part of the film.

Allegedly baahubali was considered to be the made on the highest possible budget so far, approximately rs. 250. But 2.0 broke all the records and is touted to be made on a humongous budget of rs. 350.

Well, all we can do for now is speculate. Hope for the best to win!

Till then stay tuned with us for more.
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