2 People Were Found Dead In Kashmir Clashes

Today, two people were found dead and scores were found injured in the clashes happened across Kashmir just after Tuesday morning Eid prayers, as senior authorities banned gathering at city’s historic mosques as well as clamped curfew across 10 Valley district for the very first time in last decades. This Eid celebration across the Valley’s Muslim majority remained subdued just because of the heavy presence of police personals on the streets, public places as well as deserted markets.

Pic Credit: news18
Pic Credit: news18

Apart from this, hundreds of people successfully become the part of peaceful march conduced in Srinagar in order to protest in against of two-month-long spell of violence which result into the dead of 80 people from the city and at least 10,000 were found injured.

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North Kashmir’s Bandipora, a youth named Murtaza was found dead in the clashes with died in clashes with police personals, on the other hand, various people were found injured in similar kind of violence occurred in Anantnag. After this incident, various local Kashmiris told, this was the first time since 1989 where military broke out and senior officials prohibited Eid gathering occurring at major mosques like Jama Masjid as well as Hazratbal shrine.