25-Year-Old Model Commits Suicide and Blamed Husband

Here, I got a news from the news portals that 25 years model Priyanka Kapoor Chawla commited suicide lives in New Delhi. She left one suicide note where she blamed her husband Nitin Chawla for her death. This is Nitin’s second marriage and he had 2 kids from his previous marriage. Read the rumors below:

Her sister Dimpy said:

We were never in favour of this marriage. Even Priyanka was not interested. But Nitin was crazy about her. He would come to our house every morning with cakes and flowers and ask my mother to let him see Priyanka. My mother was also against the marriage because he was 10 years older than her. But despite us being so rude to him, he would land up at our door every day without fail. One day he came to our house and fell at my mother’s feet. He started crying and said that he would die he if did not marry Priyanka. He promised to keep her happy. He was so consistent. He took good care of her and her family. He never showed any violent streak which made her believe that he would keep her happy.

Dimpy shared this picture of Priyanka beaten by his husband. See below:


Nitin woke Priyanka at 4 am and started beating her. He was angry over Priyanka stepping out for tea with her friend. He did not even let her explain. Priyanka told me that she was sleeping in her room, when Nitin came, woke her up and punched her in the face. He slapped, punched and kicked her. He held her from her neck and slammed her head against the wall. She somehow managed to inform us and we got her back home. She was scared. Nitin then followed us to our home and stood outside our house like a maniac. We refused to entertain him. We told him that we will speak to his parents. The next day, we called Nitin’s parents and told them that we are approaching the police, but they threatened us. Nitin’s brother told us that he had contacts.

Nitin’s parents didn’t supported her and tell her to adjust and said this is normal in all marriages.

Priyanka got convinced and returned home, but her mother-in-law tortured her. Once she had gone to visit her in-laws at their Meera Bagh residence, when her mother-in-law hit Priyanka. Priyanka was so scared of Nitin that she stopped telling us about the abuse.
Priyanka was a modern woman. She did not believe in superstitions. But Nitin forced her to visit a tantrik and eat the priest’s offering, which irked her.

What is going on India. Every day, we get some news like this. #wakeupIndia This is too much…

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