4 Best Platforms with the Best Website Builder Templates

Need a new website? This list on some of the best CMS Website builder (s) available out there will surely help you out. A certain kind and number of ingredients go into making and separating the “best” website builders from the rest, I’ve made sure the ones in this list are embedded with all of them up to the brim.

CMS Website Builder


Wix is without doubt one of the industry leaders in Website building when it comes to it. The primary features which make Wix as special as it is, are it’s ability to let you create websites as easily as possible, and also that Wix came up with the idea much before it’s rivals.

Yeah back then, drag and drop website building wasn’t much popular, Wix showed it the light of day and that grabbed it all the popularity you see around the platform today.

The reports dashboard, graphic templates and a lot many things go into Wix and that’s the reason it won’t let you down if you need your website up by the next day!

Moto CMS:-

If you need a website builder CMS that does the job for you almost completely on automation, without you needing to do anything apart from adding the content and couple clicks, Moto CMS should be your best friend!

They’ve one of the best databases of Website builder templates that you can use! All you’ve got to do is, choose which elements you require, and drag them to the work-space. Well yeah, it’s all drag and drop with Moto CMS. And they’ve got a database of over 2500 pre-designed templates to choose from!

Moto CMS

And ofcourse all their websites are responsive now that mobile responsiveness is a SEO factor, and SEO optimized as well. Bottomline? There’s almost nothing you might need with a website builder CMS which Moto CMS can’t provide.

You can even create an E-commerce portal with equal ease without having the slightest knowledge of codes or scripts!


One of the most professional, and primarily E-commerce based website builders you’ll ever cross paths with. You can without doubt build normal websites with it, but it’s super-powered to assist you setup an online store in a matter of minutes.

It has dashing templates, advanced tools to capture and grow your customers, a hundred different layouts and listings and what not.

Obviously they feature a drag and drop website builder you can use to build your website, or customize the page including the fonts, text and everything else.

WebSite Builder

The name is self-explanatory! They’re a full-fledged, one stop solution for building websites. Doesn’t matter if it’s buying domain names, or shifting servers, they handle it all.

Apart from the “technicalities”, they do feature a three-step website building process. Choosing the templates, editing and publishing! That’s all what’s required from you to build your websites.

Although I must mention their 10,000+ template collection, which is probably the largest as far as this list is concerned.

Wrapping it Up:

So that was all I had to say for this Website Builder CMS list folks. Hope this piece helped. Well the options listed above are more than enough to solve your website building problems once and for all aren’t they?

If they aren’t, and you’d rather use any other platform, feel free to let us know the name and reason of you choosing that specific platform over Moto CMS or any other platform in this list.

IF not, just leave your feedback about your experience on this piece, we love hearing back from you. And ofcourse you can hit the share button to share this on your social media.

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