4 ways in which MNCs can contribute in reducing the illiteracy rate in India

Foreign nations are plays a major role in contributing in the development and growth of developing countries nowadays. Some of the mediums and methods of doing the same are lesser spoken and written about. However, the significant contribution of the multinational organisations sharing business with India is notable. These firms are not only increasing employment in the developing nations like India but are also on the verge of reducing the rates of illiteracy. Illiteracy being one of the most significant issues similar to poverty and unemployment are depriving individuals from their basic rights and uprightness. The multinational giant brands are taking the particular concern quite sincerely taking multiple approaches to decrease the rate of literacy in India.

Organizing and volunteering in literacy campaigns

Organizing sponsoring events is one of the most effective ways in which multinational companies can set a cornerstone for wide spreading education. Nowadays, needless to say, many multinational companies are into organizing social campaigns with several goals and aims in mind. These campaigns actually work wonder when it comes to grabbing the attention of the public or gathering more quality traffic. The reason behind is that multinational companies possess a brand name, a signature reputation that is priceless. More over the twenty-first century technology has leveraged ample media outlets for organizations to reach out to the regulate group of masses nowadays. Other than that, multinational companies can also align their efforts with fun raising tactics. Raising funds and contributing to the deserved place is an excellent way to assist the sources trying to spread the voice of literacy in India.

New learning opportunities and practical applications

Often multinational organizations work on projects that aim beyond mere business. A similar kind of effort includes innovative learning opportunities and practical applications. These skills taught in the program, when mastered enableindividual’s learners to access knowledge, self-form insights and skillets. Without minimum assistance of supervisors, individuals can learn on their self-pace and unlock their potentials. For instance, in general, there are ample sites nowadays for GATE preparation, MBA online that aspirants can easily access online. Setting a particular target is the best approach to making your mission successful. Fixing a particular timeframe, number of target learners, are some of the fundamental considerations that can be made by the organizations.

Using capital for the goodwill of spreading literacy

Needless to say, those multinational companies are the most powerful figures when it comes to today’s business realm. A substantial percentage of the giant brands thus refer to contribute or donate a section of their revenue to goodwill purposes. Many brands have been able to help nongovernmental organizations, nonprofitorganizations, social service groups and club with mere donation of their capital. Donation is a great way to address global inequality and attempt to diminish the issue right from the roots. There are multiple channels for donation that are available nowadays and are easily accessible. The methods assure you that your donation is going to end up in the right place with proper proofs and documentations.

Collaborating with local government

So, the above mentioned approaches are definitely same of the most effective ways in which multinational companies can provide India with a better tomorrow. However, collaborating with the government is one of the effectual and productive ways to bring change to the literacy rate of the country. A recent survey says that this approach is proven to be much more efficient when evaluated. Reaching and collaborating with the Indian government helps organizations grasp the issue from the very core. Already some of the reputed multinational organizations are into working with such projects. Foreign figures and the government of the nation are both capable figures who can create a strong platform for the general mass to tap into.

Illiterate people are often considered to be unintelligent but that is far from being true. Literacy and intelligence are both distant factors that have nothing to do with each other. So, the Indian government and the multinational companies both in collaboration are prioritizing first-person experience of individuals. Approaches like adult literacy programs, campaigns, workshops distant learning opportunities can be leveraged to the group of mass who possess the potential to embrace wisdom. Some brands have organized literacy programs specifically for women in several underdeveloped, rural parts of India. These projects were highly successful adding fuel to the fire of spreading the voice of literacy. In addition, preparing for competitive examinations like GATE, MBA, CMAT, CAT have become effortless for students from the laidback community.

Other than that, one of the approaches that definitely deserve a mention in this scenario is the technology transfer. What first world nations and -their multinational organizations have been doing these days is transferring high-end technologies to the developing countries. This contribution has resulted as productive for not only

Even the most intricate of program today, can be organized with full-fledged technological backing and support nowadays. Advanced equipment and machinery can help individuals grab the skills and knowledge much faster putting least pressure on the training or teaching team. Not only that, with help of technology transfer, the general community students are also being able to access greater advantage when attending competitive exams like GATE, IES, SSC and more. The rate of illiteracy is on the verge of constantly exploring in not only India but most third world and developing nation. The approaches being taken by the MNC’s shall benefit not only the illiterate masses but the entire community in multifaceted ways.

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