4 Weed Podcasts To Bring Out The Stoner In You

When it comes to everything pot, there is no shortage of information out there. You have blogs, books, Netflix documentaries, and even podcasts. All of these outlets are useful for catching up on marijuana events, cannabis vaping like vaping THC extracts, weed tips and tricks, and more.

While blogs and documentaries can be a fun, creative way to get the Intel you need on the bud scene, sometimes, you need to be able to multitask while on the go and that is where podcasts prove to be most useful.

So, grab your favorite set of headphones, open your podcast app of choice, grab your favorite bud of choice, and enjoy your chill sesh with one of these 4 weed podcasts.

1. The Hash

For all you Radiolab fans out there, The Hash will be a pot podcast that will become your next favorite. You can expect to find some pretty popular characters who are on the front lines of the show include Max Savage and David Downs.

Some of the topics you can expect include vaping, interviews with cannabis activists and politicians, as well as dabs and other newsworthy cannabis content. You will find tantalizing, candid conversations that not only inspire support for this wonderful plant but also provides noteworthy insight that most stoners would appreciate.

There is also an interview with George Clinton. Just saying.

2. The Adam Dunn Show

For those who love learning new things or simply enjoy informational podcasts, then the Adam Dunn Show will be sure to satisfy. 

This guy is a popular pick on iTunes and provides a crash course on everything cannabis from culture, to science, to cultivation and regularly includes guest speakers from politicians to business owners. There is a no shortage of information from this guy and he certainly knows his stuff.

Even better, this guy has a clothing line called Hemp Hoodlamb so you can learn something new and rock some of his gear too.

3. Getting Doug With High

In this next entry, you have the perfect podcast to enjoy after you have toked up and simply need a good laugh. Doug Benson is a well known comedian who has based the art around his show.

He regularly features other comedians –– like Jack Black and Tommy Chong –– and does interviews, trivia, and provides the latest on cannabis culture, strains, accessories, and more. Worth a listen especially among friends.

Ha! A clever title from a clever guy.

4. Cannabis Confidential With Dr. Dina

If you were –– or still are –– a huge fan of Weeds, then this podcast will be a plus for you. Why? Because Dr. Dina (not a real doctor but an honorary doctor by Snoop Dogg’s standards) actually inspired the creation of the show.

She does regular interviews with her weed insiders and provides all the deets on the medical bud scene located in California.

She is actually considered the Queen of Medical Marijuana in LA so you know she has some serious street cred.

Check Them Out (Like Now!)

Whether you are a cannabis novice looking to branch out into the wonderful world of weed or an experienced stoner looking to catch up on the latest in pot news, these podcasts are sure to delight the senses and fulfill your need for all things weed.

Make sure to check them all out –– make sure you are good and high first and maybe invite some friends over too!

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