5 Indians Alleged for Drug Smuggling in China Might Sentence to Death

Police will likely go for the death sentence plea for those 5 Indians who were arrested for Drug Smuggling across China. All 5 accused were flying from Kolkata (India) to Kunming (Southwest China) on a two-hour flight, and all were arrested in two different cases in the last 2 weeks at the airport.

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They were carrying around 24 kg of hashish with them. This drug is obtained from the plant, Cannabis which is widely available in India. All five individuals were denying awareness about the bag filled with hashish drug. These drugs were hiding in the packets of some signature Indian snacks along with new laptop bags.

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Two accused were successfully arrested by the Chinese officials on 24 August and the remaining on 6 September during the Airport security check, which was heightened  for the G-20 summit holding in Hangzhou on 4 to 5 September. These suspects were on their way to the Chinese business hub near to Hong Kong, Shenzhen.