5 Reasons to Remember Azharuddin for more than just Match-Fixing

The consummation of a story dependably tends to direct how the whole story is recalled. Our own particular MS Dhoni once said, “Till the full-stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not finished.” But rather in the event that you read the narrative of another of India’s productive commanders, the full stop came at a most untimely point. Also, tragically he has been judged for it after, dependably needed to confront the utter grievance of the cricket mates. The embarrassment has really dominated his few individual honors and shrubs he conveyed to his nation.


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The inquisitive instance of Mohammad Azharuddin, one of India’s most noteworthy skippers and a solitary ability on the field, is damaged by assertions of match altering which brought about a long lasting restriction passed on from the BCCI.

How about we simply leave aside the topic of whether the boycott was advocated or not, we can simply attempt a target endeavor to partitioned the man on the field from the vocation finishing occurrence. In the event that you see it in such a fair-minded light, the profession of Mohammad Azharuddin rapidly bounced out as opposed to the discolored memory of how it wrapped up.

Give us a chance to investigate 5 advocated reasons why Mohammad Azharuddin ought to be associated with more than match altering.

Centurian debut


Winning the prestigious top for your nation is each cricketer’s most treasured dream and when you wear the top of India, you need to satisfy multifold desires of a country where cricket resemble religion.

Most cricketers choose to work their way up rather avoiding any unnecessary risks yet there are those like Azharuddin who touch base with a blast.

Azhar relates his well known introduction “I think I shouldn’t play in that Test in light of the fact that Sunil Gavaskar was the skipper and he needed to go in at number five. Be that as it may, the selector around then, Chandu Borde, demanded that I play that diversion. So I was extremely anxious.”


It’s one hellfire of an accomplishment to let the world know your entry with a splendid century while making debut for your nation, as Azhar did with his 110 against England in 1984. It truly takes an alternate sort of breed to rehash that execution and simply go out and crush one more century in your next match. Azhar scored played a splendid 105 innings against England in the exact next match.

For good measure, Azharuddin wasn’t done yet with just scoring two centuries. It was the third Test at Kanpur where he scored 122 races to top off a glimmering introduction which stays unmatched to this date.

Lightning fast fielder


Azharuddin stays as one of India’s first savage defenders ever, and clearly the most predominant one of his period. While talking about his handling, Azhar once said. “I do a ton of diligent work on handling – I take a ton of gets.”

A great deal is certainly right. He took 156 gets in 334 ODI matches. He likewise had 105 gets from 147 Test innings.

Azhar was so productive as a defender, that it even dominated his batting in some cases. He himself recognizes that, “I don’t have numerous fans cleared out. At whatever point I go out, individuals don’t get some information about my batting however dependably say Azhar sahab aap bahut throb defender the.(Azhar, you were a better than average defender) But I advise them that I used to bat adequately as well,”

When one experiences Azhar’s batting numbers, it brings into glaring difference the level of handling he would need to support to give it a chance to eclipse his exceptional batting.

Only Indian to captain India in 3 World Cups


The strong confirmation of Azharuddin’s reliability and consistency can be removed observing his remarkable record as chief of the Indian cricket group. Azhar is the main Indian commander to have driven India in three World Cups.

Azhar later in a meeting even conceded how he needed to battle while captaining India. He said, “You need to battle it out. You can’t simply leave things to destiny and lose. You need to battle it out. You need to first demonstrate to yourself and afterward to the general population.”

In 1992, 1996 and 1999 World Cups, it was Azharuddin who drove India at the cutting edge. Both Kapil Dev and Srinivas Venkataraghavan come next in that viewpoint, having captained India in two World Cups.

Azhar won 14 Test matches and 103 ODI matches for India amid his captaincy residency.

“I am the eldest child (five more youthful kin) and I must play chief even at home. I never demonstrate my feelings. At the point when my child passed away, such a large number of times I had a craving for crying, however then there are such a variety of individuals behind me, similar to my folks. In the event that I separate. they will separate and I have to convey them with me.” This is the thing that battle intends to Azharuddin.

A dominant presence at the crease


At the point when Azharuddin made the benchmark for himself with three back to back hundreds of years, he really figured out how to set the bar high for himself. He has constantly depicted his way to deal with batting in unassuming terms. He thought “Scoring runs is not in my grasp. In the event that He craves me to do well, nothing can keep me from doing as such. Also, on the off chance that He has chosen it is not my time, there is nothing I can do about it. I should simply attempt my best.”

Attempt his best! Yes, he did it. He found the middle value of 45.03 keeps running more than 99 Tests all through his profession. What Mike Gatting, the incredible English cricketer, needed to say in regards to Azharuddin’s batting is an entertaining one. He conceded, “At whatever point that dark thing (alluding to his taweez) hung out we knew we were stuck in an unfortunate situation.”

Azharuddin’s most astounding score in ODIs was an unbeaten 153 runs. He tallied a high score of 199 keeps running in a Test match also. At the point when VVS Laxman was contrasted with Azhar, he yielded secretly guaranteeing “Please. There can’t be any examination. ‘Azzu bhai’ is far, far predominant. I can’t gorilla his class.”

You can’t deny his dignified presence


When some individuals are hindered with charges of match altering, regardless of the fact that that is repudiated later as it was for Azharuddin’s situation, they tend to blur far from the spotlight. Be that as it may, Azharuddin has held his head high and has kept on adding to India.

Azhar has talked about his double obligation as an individual from the Parliament and a mentor. “There will be no issue in going to Parliament and training a group. I can oversee both. Mr. Farooq Abdullah inquired as to whether I can mentor the Jammu and Kashmir group and I gave my gesture. I unquestionably appreciate honing.” he said.

Azharuddin has kept on keeping up a dynamic enthusiasm for the game of cricket. He has worked with enormous names also. He said “I’ve had spells with different English groups conveyed to India by Graham Gooch and John Emburey. Flintoff had a two-day stretch with me in Mumbai. I’m keen on helping the youthful era of players. Individuals from abroad have taken my help; I’ll most upbeat to help Indian players.”

Notwithstanding our contemplations on Azhar’s part in the match-settling embarrassment, it’s not a smart thought to overlook his commitments and not to recollect that him for more than only a man who was included in match-altering.