5 Significant Tips That You Should Have Knowledge about Regarding Marketing Your Local Business

Instagram is no longer only the novelty photo sharing application that it used to be when it was introduced in the year 2010. Instagram has more than a billion users right now and it is currently receiving more engagement in comparison to the giants of social media like Twitter and Facebook. The graph of Instagram’s growth is rising steadily and it is evident that it is not going to slow down right now. Instagram is loved by marketers because of the simplicity that it displays and also, it is visual-centric. It is ideal for marketers because it can help brands to connect with the ideal audience visually. If you are thinking of marketing your local business on this platform, ensure that you are following the tips that have been listed below. 

Do not forget to include the location in the Instagram bio

The first thing that you need to keep on your mind is that your Instagram bio exactly needs to state your location. It is true that you are not going to get huge space in your Instagram bio but it is crucial that you throw your city in and also mention a line regarding your business and the business offerings. 

Do not forget to post images that are local

The ideal way of marketing any campaign effectively is by understanding the target audience. It is obvious that local businesses focus on audiences who are present within their geographical area. It is crucial that you think out of the box and try to post local images so that you can end up getting more customers present within your region, who will be interested in the kind of business that you are into. Also, this can interest users from other parts of the globe as well. 

Use videos

According to www.quicksprout.com, videos on Instagram are responsible for observing two times more engagement in comparison to the Instagram photos. It is a great idea to use this advantage by ensuring that you are sprinkling video content within your Instagram account. You can highlight the local flavor by trying to post interesting clips related to your brand from within your town. 

Make use of hashtags that are location-centric

Hashtags are definitely an easy way of ensuring that all the images that you post will be discovered by the appropriate people. Whenever possible, you should include hashtags that will indicate the locale. This can be the city that you are currently in or a particular location from within the city. You can be assured that the engagement is going to increase if you are using appropriate hashtags for your posts. This will also help you to get more followers for Instagram.

Do not forget to follow other businesses operating locally

Establishing an ideal community is also important. This can be done by following the Instagram accounts of notable figures or brands that are also operating within the same locality as you. This will help in building brand equity and also local prospects can start noticing your business. 


Local businesses can find it difficult to market their businesses on Instagram. If you are also in the same group, it is a good idea to follow the tips that have been mentioned so that you can market your business in the best possible manner.