7 Must-Know Computer Trouble Shooting Tricks

The technology over the years has produced contemporary computer machines running on different operating systems. In the present world, we have 5th generation laptop computer devices that are fast, accurate and easy to use. These modern computer devices have no comparison with the devices we have had almost a decade ago. Even then users are facing plenty of issues while using these computer devices. Therefore, professionals and highly qualified technician have introduced to fix various computer issues that are already loaded into window 8.

The tools are very handy to sort out the number of troubleshooting computer issues such as slow performance, app crashes, and boot failures.  So, if you really want tricks and trades, all you require is to get administrative access to your computer machine. Today, am going to guide you about 7 must-know computer troubleshooting tricks that can help you out to the fullest. Let’s take a look underneath and get to know the perfect techniques to sort out your computer machine troubleshoot issues.

How to boot in a safe mode?

Let’s suppose you are facing issues related to booting into windows computer laptops, you may be thinking about the faulty drivers or blaming for poor programming. On safe mode enable you to runs on crucial components and make you get into the windows machine in order to start with troubleshooting the problem. If you want to reboot your particular windows computer, you need to use safe mode, just press “Win” and “R” keystrokes in order to open “Run” and type “msconfig” and tap on “Enter”. Now you have to make a click the “Boot” and then tab and select “Safe Boot.” In order to boot in Safe Mode, all you need to do is to hold down the “Shift” key and then press” F8” back to back when the computer machine is going to start up. Further, you need to select “See Advanced Repair Options,” “then “Troubleshoot,” “Advanced Options” “Windows Startup Settings”.

Go to the action center

No matter what type of issues you are dealing with, on your computer, you have a good chance to use the option of windows Action Center that can pinpoint the issue for you. Action Center is the place in the computer that is secretly placed into the taskbar of the Windows desktop machine. You need to look at the flag within the desktop taskbar. In case it is red, make a click on it and select “Open Action Center” right from the pop-up menu list. Now you have to tap on the button that is very next to any flagged item in order to see where the actual problem lies. If you still are not able to detect the problem, make a click “check for solutions” link the section of the maintenance part of Action Center in order to get the windows to scan issues and in other cases you need to use the solution.

Use performance & information techniques

If you really want to know the overall working of your computer no matter if it is a laptop or desktop windows device, then you need to use the performance and information tools. When it comes to the utility it’s been already present in Windows 8, and secretly placed into the control panel of your PC. If you are looking forward to initiating with the utility, you need to type “performance” in the search field, click “settings” and after that choose the “performance information tools.” in-case you are using the windows laptop device, you have to plugin at before it will analyze its performance. Always scores range from 1 to 9.9 but in certainly you need to range it in the middle, at least you have supercharged the computer machine.

See problem Apps in Task Manager

Sometimes it happens when desktop or laptop windows machine doesn’t respond well on your given command and behave sluggishly and you may face error messages, again and again, that doesn’t make sense to you. The Windows Task Manager usually point out the application or the procedure that really creating an issue. You need to type “task” in the search field, choose “Apps” and further make a click on “Task Manager”. This piece of utility is a menu all of the software and background process that is running, actually revealing to you that how much of your system resources are taking. Let’s suppose if the app or the procedure is getting a huge part of your resources, it is up to you either you want to run the program or you want to quite the program: or choose in Task Manager and then make a click on “End Task” button.

Scan Logs in Event Viewer

You need to type “Event Viewer” in Windows Search charm, make a click “Settings” and after that, you have to make a click “View Events Logs.” In the left side of the menu, choose any type of suspect that is creating an issue and after that scan the logs with the list of events that are updated with the passage time stamp. The warning may be the reason for delays and glitches with computer machine and a serious crash is normally differentiated as an error. Once you have come up with the event that you believe is the real culprit, then you have an option to save it and for the next time, you will not have to find it out again.

Clink a Bad Network connection

if you are facing a connectivity issue with the internet on your device on the home network, you just need to use the ping command in order to investigate the issue in your network. You can use “ping a bad network command, tap on the windows key and type “cmd” in the Search charm in order to open the Command Prompt. Now type “ping” followed through an IP address or server website such as “ping anywebsite.com you just need type “ping” that will works similar to the sonar ping and will be sent a little amount of blip data to the server or device and wait for a while for an echo to come back. In case the ping times out there will be no connectivity. On the other hand, if the ping really gets the response in a few seconds, there is connectivity and your browser or the application is really creating an issue. If your ping is very high, however, it may mean that the data is traveling a very long way to reach you.  You can connect to a VPN to access the net nearer the data source.


Step a back in Time alongside Recovery

In case you have made plenty changes into your computer, such as you have installed or uninstalled the number of programs and apps such as social media apps and windows monitoring software or you have changed the systems settings and configurations while chasing the root cause of the issues. Instead of just stepping back through the changes, you should use the Windows Recovery in order to push your computer windows machine back in time.

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