77 Runs in an Over, Amazing Cricket Record

Shocked? Yes, me too. When I read about how a team made 77 runs in an over. If someone will ask to you that how much possible run can be made in an over, most probably you will say 36 runs from 6 balls. 36 Runs have been already made by Yuvraj Singh in t-20 world cup.


But, we have got an amazing cricket record that a bowler had spent 77 runs in over. Yes, in a first class match bowler Bert Vance gave 77 runs.

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It is the story of a first-class match of the year 1990. German and Roger Lee Ford were at the crease to bat. The captain gave the ball to Bert Vance.

Bert Vance gave 16 no balls from starting 17 balls. In that over he gave 77 runs.

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