A 7minutes scene leaked from Baahubali 2 online!

A graphic designer is recently being arrested by the cops as a suspect. Because a seven minutes long fighting scene from the movie is leaked. As per the Baahubali 2 team, the scene which is leaked is said to be the crucial climax to the film.

Since the time piracy became another big trouble for the filmmakers, the movie makers have shown extra conscience. Piracy comes under severe cyber crime. There are rule and norms to tackle movie piracy. But so far so stringent steps are being taken.

The filmmakers are yet to confirm but the scene is from Baahubali 2 itself. They had been very meticulous towards keeping the climax of the movie guarded as a top notch secret. But then despite so many security and safety, the film has been leaked. The suspect behind the leak has been identified and arrested by the Hyderabad Police based upon the complaint field by the filmmakers. The suspected person is allegedly an employee at Hyderabad’s Annapurna Studios.

Here are the Baahubali 2 leaked video you can check following:

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