8 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Sciatica Pain in 16 Minutes or Less

Sciatica, what is it? It is the human body’s longest nerve that starts at the base of the spin and runs down right through your calf and thigh muscles to the foot. An average person has 40 percent chances of encountering sciatica pain in their lives. This may be less severe pain, but you are sure to experience trouble. Another startling truth is that all sciatica trouble does not cause pain. In fact, it is absolutely simple as knees weakness or tingling your legs.

Sciatica Trouble Symptoms 

8 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Sciatica Pain
8 Easy Yoga Poses to Relieve Sciatica Pain
  • Pain is felt at the thigh or calf back, in the lower back nerve, buttock
  • Causes numbness, fatigue or a loss of feeling in the feet or legs.
  • Tingling, pinching, burning, and electric prick feeling
  • Weakness causing your knees to collapse 

Sciatica Pain causes 

Sciatica pain is caused in your lumbar spine by herniation. This is your spine part that curves inward reaching your lower-middle back. It is serious and consulting a doctor cannot be ignored. Sciatica cases nearly 70 percent are caused due to piriformis. This is the muscle that is a hip rotator that helps you in turning your thigh.

It is possible to reduce the sciatica pain, especially if your pain is due to the piriformis.  There are yoga poses to relieve sciatica pain in 16 minutes or even less. There are few stretches that can be performed by stretching your lower back, thus stopping or preventing sciatica pain.

8 Yoga poses to relieve sciatica pain 

Standing Back Twist 

This yoga pose is for people who do not bend much and so hesitate to start with other poses. This yoga pose to relieve sciatica pain can be begun by placing your foot on the chair and the opposite hand on the raised knee such that your left hand is positioned on the right knee and vice-versa. Place on your hip the other hand. Turn you upper body keeping the hips forward facing and hold for 30 seconds and switch. However, ensure you are in the comfortable levels.

Knee Raise

This is also an effective yoga pose to relieve sciatica pain. Begin by lying on your back, keep one leg straight, while pull one knee to your chest. Pull up using your hands and push down with knee, thus ensure to keep your shoulders on the floor.

Two Knee Twist

Lie back, position your arms to form a T. Keep your shoulders straight touching the floor, turn to one side your knees and hold this position for 60 seconds and alternate the sides.

 Single Knee Twist

This is same as two knee twist. Begin by lying on the floor. Bed one knee and keep one leg straight. Place opposite hand on the knee and face the arm that is on the floor. Hold for 30 seconds.

Twisted Lunge

This yoga pose helps your hips to open. Step one leg and bend the knee. Keep the other leg behind. Keep your feet apart at one legs length. Place your opposite elbow on the bent knee outside, bring together your palms and hold for 30 seconds.

 Seated Twist

Keep your legs straight and sit.  Bend one leg and place it on the other knee. Position one hand on the floor behind you and keep opposite elbow on your bent knee outside. Turn behind and keep legs forward pointing.

Cat Pose

Bend your knees and hands, back down, lift chest keeping shoulders back. Ensure you are in a cat pose. Hold for ten seconds, tuck your chin, return to flat back and raise your back. Release after ten seconds. You may do this for a minute or two.

Child’s Pose

This is also a simple pose same as the cat pose. Get your knees and hands down and settle your seat on your heels, while leave your hands in front of you. Do not fall asleep, hold as long as you can. These are the best yoga poses to relieve sciatica pain in 16 minutes or even less.

Caution: For effective result, try these poses one by one and do it as the first thing in the morning and before hitting the bed or in the evening keeping a gap of 2 hours after you have eaten something.