‘A Forgotten Affair’ Launched!

Books on love and relationship always manage to intrigue readers. So, this time, Kanchana Banerjee is making her debut as a writer with a story that brings the above subjects in the spotlight.Miss Banerjee’s book is recently launched in New Delhi by Vinita Dawra Nangia (author-columnist).

Image credit: TOI
Image credit: TOI

It is basically a story about a woman named Sagarika. It is her story of discovering her real self, what she wants in life and who she really desires.On the day of the book launch,  Banerjee shared her experience with us about how did she think of writing something? What made her pen down a story which reveals complications of life? Banerjee said, “Having written several articles, writing a book was a progression for me. I wanted to write a book which I would enjoy reading.”

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Vinita mentioned that there are certain wonderful quotes in the book which make the reader stop and ponder about life and relationships.  The book deals with the complications of relationships and marriages. It makes you relook at your life. And of course, bring about a change in your love life for better. Also start a fresh journey.

The plot of the story is basically about the complications and differences that arise in a relationship, not because of problems. But because of boredom, because everything is too perfect sometimes. And ultimately, it results in broken relationships.The book is available in the market. You can pick this up to discover yourself.

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