A Guide on the Fun filled Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

14th February, a date that instantaneously reminds us of the word Valentine day, which in spin makes us think of our loved ones. Truly not only that particular date, but the whole month of February is the month cupid strikes us, and we naively fall in love all over again. A universal Saint Valentine, this day is celebrated throughout the cosmos. Be it a kid, or a youngster, or an adult, or elderly, this day is meant for love, gifts, party, theme, pink, red, white, and fun. Without diverting more on the controversial stories about this widespread day of love, let’s discuss about the exciting Valentine’s Day party ideas.

Valentine’s Day party ideas
Valentine’s Day party ideas

To commence with let’s get a short synopsis of the decoration of the room that you plan to devote for your loved ones.

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  • The light dimmed
  • The candle (round and short) all set to get lit
  • The red heart shaped small balloons all blown in different corners
  • Drinks ready to be served in cocktail glasses
  • Music low and instrumentals
  • Tables prepared with lased cloth
decoration of the room for valentines
decoration of the room for valentines

That’s a pretty overview of the Valentine’s Day party decoration ideas. For the Valentine’s Day party ideas, you can get set for the following.

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Theme party: Here, you can select a theme, and go for it. The theme can be of romance, can be of love, can be of fun, or can be friendship, since friendship is believed to be the very first step. Accordingly the room or the terrace can be decorated, matching the selected theme.

Mask party: A mask dance or a mask theme is always interesting and appealing. Now this mask can be decided by the host to surprise the guests, or can even be consulted among all. Mask hides the face, making the behind scene more fascinating and tempting to be revealed. This is one of the unique Valentine’s Day ideas to work in your favor.

Cocktail Dinning party: If possible, a cocktail party can be more flirtingly beautiful. Low instrumental music with wines can make the party brighter. It gives a glow to the Valentine’s Day party ideas. The cocktail valentine day party would give the invitees a fine dining experience with their beloved.

A game party: A game party can be of innumerable types. Games can be truth and dare, can be short a blind date, can be ‘I never’ type, can also be the very famous ‘be the valentine’. A game party can really be fun, if organized correctly. The game of love and the game in party, both are interesting, if arranged properly.

Dance party: A low music dance and bringing the guests together could make the ambience really romantic. The dance can be by one pair of best dancers among the invitees, can be a jazz, can be a tango, or can be a simple ball for all in the room.

But as a host of the party of this special day, it is a responsibility. A responsibility that would not let the guest get bored. Valentine’s Day party ideas can also be acquired from, but implementing the same is one’s own choice. Putting the best foot forward to make the already special day more meaningful for all is always a welcome idea and in fact the best amid the other Valentine’s Day gifts.

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Tips for the Host

  • Dress the best, and be helpful to all, making them comfortable
  • Invite properly without sounding formal at all
  • Prepare well in advance to avoid last time changes
  • If games are organized, the arrangements should be done beforehand
  • Involve guests and make them write interesting facts about their relations. You can come across some interesting Valentine’s Day quotes this way.
  • Lights should be low, with back-up for emergency
  • Balloons can be blown with helium to make them fly
  • Try to arrange goodies bags for all
  • Special prize for games and Mr. and Mrs. Valentine
romantic Valentine’s Day
romantic Valentine’s Day

Go ahead, plan, arrange and rock the theme. This may be the best of the romantic Valentine’s Day ideas ever.