Actor Ranbir Kapoor chooses Katrina over Deepika as ‘Motivation’

Recently on a talk show with beautiful Neha Dhupia, Ranbir Kapoor revealed that between the two of his ex-girlfriends he would choose Kat over Dippy. According to a pinkvilla, a source revealed to a daily mirror that the ‘Sawariya’ of bollywood would choose his ex-girlfriend Katrina over his another ex-girlfriend Deepika.

Credit: TOI

The Kapoor lad has always been in news for his personal life. Be it his relationship with Deepika, then later with Katrina or big break up with the latter after whole six years of relationship. The 34-years-old actor didn’t confront questions over his breakup which happened early this year in the month of January.

While when Kat was asked about the same she refused to comment anything by saying,” I know you guys are asking me this question out of concern for me. But can we just stop talking about it?” Well, it seems Ranbir still has some space for Kat in his heart. Or rather we hope for the same.

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