Actress Jaya Bachchan Pissed Off with being Clicked at a Cultural Event!

As we all know, Jaya Bachchan is known for her stubborn and strict behaviour. Recently on Tuesday, Mrs. Bachchan went to attend a cultural event at a college and then her anger burst out at the photographers and students who were clicking her pictures.When she was addressing the mob and the flashes of cameras were deadly annoying her; she got damn irritated.

She stopped sealing and asked everyone to stop clicking her.She said on the microphone that the light is dazzling into her eyes and she hated it.She claimed that people don’t have manners to take photos and scolded the photographers and students of the college.

You have mobile phones in your hand and it doesn’t justify you can click anyone with/without their permission.She denied speaking until people stopped taking pics.And finally, the mob was influenced and they sat down in their places.Jaya told that she cannot tolerate Indiscipline.Well, we know her anger is very genuine and concerned. We just wish her to not face the same again ever.

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