Actress Shruti Hassan had a Nasty Fight with Her Father Kamal Haasan’s Alleged Girlfriend Gautami

Actress Shruti Hasan worked with father Kamal Hasan for the first time in the upcoming Hindi venture ‘Sabash Naidu’. The real life Father-daughter play the real life Father-daughter in the movie.Gautami who is father Kamal Hasan’ girlfriend designed Shruti’s clothes for the film.

Kamal Haasan

But the reports say Shruti had a bad dispute with Gautami because she didn’t like the costume designed by her.The sources say, ‘Shruti told Gautami not once or twice but many times that she didn’t like the clothes designed by her. So a severe fight took place between the two which resulted from a day’s shoot being called off.’


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Kamal Hasan knows everything about the cold war between the two love ladies of his life..but he chose to not speak up on the issue. So as to avoid any damage being caused to his relationship with the two.Kamal Hassan is offshoot because of his leg injury. He will be resuming with the shooting in September.Well, we just hope the two sort out their issues and disputes for the man who loves them unconditionally.

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