Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas add Spice to Your Usual Life with the Eye turner

Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Those days are gone when you were woken with lovely flower bouquets and soothing hugs on Valentine morning. Gifts pouring in all day long and making you feel so special and wanted. Opening your window to watch and hear the birds chirp. Expect a lovely kiss on your cheek or your forehead to express how much he cares. But things have changed. Although, changed for good but those days are gone. Today you have more diapers than diamonds. Things have rapidly twirled around after a kid. You prefer early mornings rather than romantic dinner dates. You have to juggle between your baby’s routine and your work schedule, leaving you hardly any time for your loving husband. There is no time left for each other to talk except for the regular schedule and households. However, you can revamp your marriage by trying these cheap Valentine’s Day ideas. Give him a day and pleasantly shock him with your unique Valentine’s Day ideas. He deserves for being together with you for so long with all ups and downs in life.

Unique Valentine's Day Ideas
Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas

Overcoming the Guilt of Parenthood

First and the foremost thing is to convince yourself that time management is very important between your role playing as parent and a spouse. Hence, get this clear in your head that by spending time with your spouse you are never ignoring your kids. It is a healthy way to build a positive relationship among each other by giving deserved to both your partner and your baby. This will evolve your marriage life and avoid over-parenting issues. So don’t shy and arrange a responsible babysitter for your baby. They are meant for it.

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Every now and then you should do this and improve your relationship and refresh yourself. Live life and not just pass the days. If you are happy you can make others happy too. You can always spare a day in a year and try a few unique Valentine’s Day ideas this Valentine.

Don’t Hold Yourself back

It does not matter how much time you have spent together or what your age is. You can always recreate the magic by getting ready to seduce your hubby. V-Day is the occasion one can shake and bring back the missing romance. But, don’t waste your time on the same old to go on dinner dates or your regular daily routine. They are also good but old fashioned and very predictable. Pleasantly amaze him with your seductive side which he fell in love with when you met for the first time. Surprise him with something which he could never expect after a normal day at work. This is where Valentine’s ideas for him play a greater role.

Dress for the Occasion   

Dress for the Occasion
Dress for the Occasion      

You are never too old to dress for him and never shy to experiment with what you wear. He will love it more to see what’s on the menu for him tonight. First impression could amaze him and bring that smile back to his face. Take that old dress out which you had stopped fitting. This perhaps is one of the best Valentine’s Day ideas for him. Prepare yourself and lose some weight to fit in that dress for him. He will love to see you back in shape.

Tempt Him to You

Remember the photo you took in your honeymoon suite kissing him on ears or some old memory which brings you back the road from your first Valentine’s Day together. Get an enlarged version of it and hang it by the bedside and hint him what you want. Bake a Valentine cake for him which could emboss your heartfelt message for him instead of a regular valentine card. Indicate him about your plan by getting close to him, whisper in his ear what you want, and mesmerize him with your perfume which you had almost forgotten to apply with over occupied days.

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Another Delectable Idea among unique Valentine’s Day ideas is Play with Food and Get Naughty

The best among all unique Valentine’s Day ideas is to relive the old moments. I can bet there have been times in the past when you enjoyed each others company day in and out, without intervention. Either it can be your honeymoon or some other vacation. Relive those days. Talk ridiculously random without being for your daily responsibility. You might have never guessed, but he actually misses talking to you, caressing you, and sleeping in your arms.

unique Valentine's Day ideas
unique Valentine’s Day ideas

Play with strawberries, eat off chocolate from each other or even shower together. This might sound overdone and kitschy but remind him how much fun you were. Spending time with your partner is one of the popular Valentine’s Day gifts that you can present.

Small Gestures could Turn Him on

The extra glow on your face when you serve him the dinner or the dim light in the room could also be used and reflect your mood. Other small things, which are shared as clues between couples, can also be used.

Surprise Him with Something Unexpected

Of all the good Valentine’s Day ideas, this usually works in your favor. Hunt him down to his office and kidnap him back to home as a surprise to spend time with him this Valentine. Ask him out on a Valentine date. Dress down and wear amazing sexy dress. Gift him something which he is craving for a long time. Lady! I don’t need to teach you how to surprise him; you are already a whiz kid.

Never leave him alone for a moment like before and make him feel special the way he deserves it. Send text, call him through the day, steal a kiss when no one is around and compliment him just like you pampered him before the kid. Flirt with him he has not changed after marriage or kids. Be an addiction he craves for.

Try Something really New

This is something really unexpected from wives. Out of the box why not book a hotel suite for a special night. Purchase sexy lingerie and seduce him. You could also avoid the regular sheer negligee and try something bolder this Valentine. You could even experiment with role play and present your inventiveness.

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Plan a Small Getaway from Home

It has been months now he has laid his shoes off. Give him some relaxation from home. Call your sister or mother in aid and plan a small week off for a destination vacation. Get some time for refreshment. Amazing and unique Valentine’s Day ideas are all that you might need to rekindle