Aishwarya Rai Bachchan calls Rekha ‘Maa’ at Stardust, is the secret out?

If you have watched the Stardust award function telecast, then you know what we’re raving about.The Bachchan Bahu has thrown his father-in-law Amitabh Bachchan in controversy by addressing Rekha by ‘Maa’. The senior Bachchan had a sizzling affair with Rekha that never quite left the Page 3. Time and again the audience has wondered the relationship quotient between the two mega starts of Indian cinema.

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The incident happened on 10th January 2016 on the stage of Sansui Stardust Award. Ash was awarded the Power Pack Performer Award for her awesome role in Jazbaa, her comeback movie. And guess what, Rekha was asked to present the award to her. After receiving the award from Rekha, Asishwarya could not contain her excitement anymore. In this moment of gratitude, while the Bachchan Bahu was thanking her family and friends she addressed Rekha as “Maa”. As the cameras zoomed to catch Big B’s expressions, he was looking his original calm self throughout the incident.


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Rekha, Asishwarya
Rekha, Asishwarya

One segment of fans and followers want to clear out any gossip saying, Ash clearly wanted to say Ma’am and it was just a mispronunciation. But Aishwarya who has been pretty close to her father-in-law from the very beginning addressing Rekha as Maa has caused some stirs nonetheless.

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So, is the secret out finally? Otherwise how can you explain Big B’s perfectly calm face and no statement at all even after the media is raving about the incident for hours?

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