Ajay Devgan boycotted the Idea of working with any Pakistani actor at this point of time!

Recently in an interview, when the ‘Shivaay‘ actor was asked if he was open to collaborate with the Pakistani actors. He declined the idea within a fraction of seconds. Amidst the raging controversy over banning the Pakistani actors from working in bollywood industry after celebs like Sajid Khan and Reitesh Deshmukh; now Ajay Devgan also joined the march towards boycotting neighbouring actors.

Ajay Devgan shot down the idea of working with Pakistanis saying that he cannot work when the only exchange between the two countries is that of bullets.The actor further elaborated on it, according to him at this serious junction between the two nations it’s futile to assume any negotiation. He tried drawing an apology and said that how would you react to someone who slapped you on your face? Well, you would mind even having a word with him/her. A dialogue between the two in that condition is non-negotiable.

Considering the fact, Ajay asked how can we even entertain such a disgusting inhumanly behaviour when they are firing bullets.The actors Reitesh Deshmukh and Sajid Khan earlier broke out in grief towards the Uri Attack. And now Ajay stood by our nation in the wake of Uri Attack. While still there are actors who are supporting Pakistani actors. Ajay expressed himself that it is very deeply saddening that there are bollywood stars are not willing to stand in support of the subject.

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