Alia Bhatt to take over Kareena Kapoor in the remake of ‘Sadma’

No wonder, Alia Bhatt has managed to conquer the world with her acting skills. She has impressed and surprised us with her fabulous acting prowess time. And now she has another big project in her hands with which it seems she might just add another feather to her cap. She is approached for the sequel to Sri Devi starrer Sadma.

Credit: mediaresources
Credit: mediaresources

Earlier Kareena Kapoor was approached for the same. But since Bebo is in the second trimester, she cannot be part of the film anymore. Thence, Alia bags the lead role in Sadma reprise.

Sadma was Sri Devi’s super hit drama Hindi flick which was highly appreciated by the viewers. Sri Devi played a challenging role which was emotionally draining and mentally exhausting and considering Kareena’s pregnancy it was physically not possible for her to play the lead.

Now, the another interesting part left unanswered is who is going to play Kamal Haasan‘s role in the remake?The legendary actor has done an amazingly outstanding job as he played the character of care taker of Sri Devi.

Sri Devi after an accident loses her memory and becomes childlike. And she regains her memory only in the climax to forget Kamal Hassan.


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