Amazing And Wonderful Facts Of Bollywood That Will Surprise You !

Our Hindi Film Industry is currently 100 years of age. It has motion pictures, stars, excitement, debates, separations, join ups everything. In any case, other than “Lights-Camera-Action” there are such a large number of fascinating things that we don’t think about them. We Indians entirely, Breathe and Sleep motion pictures.

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Here’s a rundown that’ll certainly make you do a twofold check! This rundown of the absolute most obscure Bollywood certainties will truly take your breath away!

  1. Longest Running Movie


  1. Aamir Khan’s “Lagaan” had the greatest number of British performing artists ever to be thrown in a solitary film ever.


  1. Dimple Kapadia was only 16 years of age when she got a colossal accomplishment with her motion picture ‘BOBBY’. The way that stunned everybody was that she wedded genius Rajesh Khanna on that year.


  1. Sunil Dutt at first used to be a RJ for Radio Ceylon and needed to meeting his most loved performing artist Nargis. Be that as it may, he couldn’t say a solitary word before her and the meeting must be crossed out. A long time later, when he at long last got an opportunity to work with her in ‘Mother India’ (1957), they began to look all starry eyed at and got hitched.


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  1. In the film “Champion,” Kareena Kapoor wore more than 130 distinctive dresses by top style fashioners from everywhere throughout the world. It has been accounted for that Kareena’s closet for the film was a standout amongst the most costly out of all the Bollywood motion pictures ever made!

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