American Woman Moves To India To Become Rural Housewife

It’s all about love.

American Woman Moves To India To Become Rural Housewife

It’s always said that love has no boundaries and no age bracket. Well it’s not just a saying but it’s actually true. Adriana Parel and Mukesh Kumar have set an example for all those who feel it’s tough for love to cross boundaries. Adriana, a US based party animal left her worldly life for Mukesh whom she had fallen in love through facebook. Apart from the differences in their culture country language there is a huge difference in their ages also.

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Click on the link below to check out how Adriana has adjusted in our country. How she has become a complete Indian woman. She is currently staying in a village in Haryana with Mukesh’s family and is doing all the Indian chores like cooking, sweeping, cleaning. As per her family members she is doing all this quiet well and is enjoying her life.

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Hats off to Adriana and Mukesh! We wish them all the luck in the world. Watch the true example of love by clicking on the link below “American Woman Moves To India To Become Rural Housewife”. Please give your valuable comments in the reply section below on how you liked our video.