Arijit Singh Soon to be a Judge on Upcoming Television Reality Show ‘Raw Star’

Today, Arijeet Singh is one of the biggest names in the world of singing. A guy from an average city started with a t.v. singing reality show and now he is credited every second hit of B-Town.Well, that is the power of talent. He is inspired and recognized in the crowd of millions just with his melodious voice.


As per the reports, Arijeet Singh is back on television as a judge on Life Ok’s ‘Raw Star’. And with this, he says that he complete a whole circle of his life.Recently after the success of reality comedy challenge ‘Mazak Mazak me’, Life Ok plans to bring another music reality show called ‘Raw Star’.And obviously, Raw Star is not a sequel of ‘India’s Raw Star’. The show brings to you fresh innovative concept and challenges. And it is solely based on singing skills of the contestants.


The channel will be taking the audience on a music as well as an emotionally charged tour with Arijeet’s super romantic and melodious voice.Raw star is an amazing reality show where Arijeet will be playing the mentor to the contestants. He will be giving challenges and will judge on the basis of performance. Moreover, the show will have a digital audience from across the world. The auditions will be closed by 31st August.

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