Army Decided to Complete Canal Work in Ladakh due to Undeterred by Chinese troops

Undeterred by the ” sit-in” by the border guards of Chinese at Demchok in Ladakh that prompted to a face-off with Indian troops prior this week, Army engineers have completed the work for laying a water pipeline for water system reason for nearby villagers in Ladakh division.


China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops had entered the zone close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and halted the development work. The Chinese troops took positions on the apparent LAC and requested that work is ceased as both sides need to look for authorization before undertaking any such movement. This claim was questioned by the Indian side which said that the terms of the assertion between the two nations express that data about development should be shared just if implied for resistance purposes.

The sources said that while the go head to head between the two sides proceeded for three days finishing Saturday evening, the Army engineers, overlooked the notices by PLA workforce and kept laying pipeline for about a km for water system motivation behind the villagers in Demchok, found 250 km east of Leh.

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