Around 68 Million Passwords Circulate on the Web, Dropbox Hacked

Dropbox, one among the cloud-based giants have confirmed that around 68 millions of user’s credentials including their user ID and password details were leaked 4 years ago and recently they leaked on the Web. The company also stated that there is no indication of unauthorized entry of its user’s account on the Internet, and all users whose login credentials seemed to be leaked had already reset their passwords on the accounts.

The company learned about the theft of data just two weeks ago when login credentials of its 68 millions of users were posted online. Dropbox is indicating that the company is not aware this theft, the source said.

Images credit: i0.wp
Images credit: i0.wp

The hacked list of user’s email I’d and password available on the Internet is real, although we are not aware that user accounts of Dropbox users have been accessed improperly. We apologize for this mishap, and would like to clear up what’s going wrong, Dropbox stated through an email.

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Dropbox clear that the user’s login credentials were taken back in 2012. After analyzing the issue, Dropbox’s representatives add, “At that time, we email all of our users about this happening and request them to change their passwords, if they had not updated their passwords since mid of 2012”.

“The password reset request ensures that if some try to crack rested passwords, they will not be able to access the Dropbox‘s accounts.”, Added by one of the company’s representatives.

Early in 2016, Dropbox reported that it is having more than 500 millions of users who successfully share their important data, including company’s files, documents, pictures and videos on its cloud server.