Audials Radio App: Simple & Quick Recording from Favorite Radio Stations

When gave you not thought of recording that beautiful track over the radio onto your Android device. your device may already allow you to record it, but the quality is always a concern. But it is not just the music, you may want to record many other things from the radio. If you have attempted recording, you would know what a difference an app like Audials Radio App can make by providing high quality and easier recordings.

So what does Audials Radio App do and how does it make a difference in its segment?

Audials Radio App Basics

At its basic level, what Audials Radio App does is to record your interior radios. It can also sync music with your phone. It is a radio player-cum-recorder that has access to more than 80,000 radio stations. So there’s no radio station that you cannot record, whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast, Midwest or South.

It takes just a single click to record any music on the radio and the app stands out for its quality recordings.

You can quickly zap between radio stations. Enter any radio station you want or even the artist. Audials Radio App will instantly match it to your preferences. All it requires is a click on the ‘record’ button to record and save the music on the internet radio.

All the songs will be stored on your device and you can access them from history and play whenever you want.

Main Features of Audials Radio App

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Here are the main features and functions of this Android app:

Choose From Thousands of Radio Stations


Audials Radio App allows you to search for your favorite music over internet radio, Online Radio or Web radio using any of the following search factors:

  • Genre
  • Artist
  • Language
  • Locality
  • Country

Thousands of stations including Lite, Fresh FM, The Beat LA, Kiss FM, and Now FM can be accessed and recorded through Audials Radio App. There is almost no station that you cannot access via it.

Quick Zapping


The app allows you to enter the desired search factor (artist or radio station) and zaps quickly between radio stations. It will display the stations that perfectly match your desired music. This makes it extremely easy to find new radio stations.

Save All Tracks on Your Android Device

Audials Radio App for Android is the only app that can save MP3 files of your radio recordings. What is more special is that it can save the MP3 files with the cover art and ID3 tags. Interestingly, the app also allows you to access radio history and save a track as MP3 even after the track is gone.

Play Favorite Stations & Music Files

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The Android app also works as a feature-rich music player. You can not only play your favorite radio stations, but also your music files using the equalizer. Your own music collection can be played from within the app. The equalizer allows you to personalize the settings or choose from the presets including normal, dance, rock, classic, and much more.

Access to Sophisticated Radio Players

Audials Radio App also allows you to use Google Chromecast and Apple AirPlay. You can keep an eye on your favorite radios using connected devices.

Rich Podcasts

This app also covers a large variety of podcasts, including:

  • News
  • Current affairs
  • Technology reviews
  • Documentaries
  • Language courses

And much more. This Android app covers a broad range of entertainment through thousands of podcasts.

Connect to Your PC

How many times have you wanted if you could access your PC at home or office and play the music saved in it? Audials Radio App can make that possible without a hitch.

Audials Radio App allows you connect to your PC from your Android device. This function is entirely free. Get access to your music collection on your computer system, search through it, and copy it onto your device. You can then play the track from within the app.

Turn Your PC into a Personal Media Cloud

When connected to the Audials Light Windows software, the Audials Radio App helps turn your computer system into your personal cloud for media files. You can use it not just to record and save music, but also for videos.

Additional Features


If these features were not enough, the Android app doesn’t offer any disturbing advertising. You can also set up your favorite radio station and the app can wake you up with that station in the morning.

But the benefits don’t just stop there. The Audials Radio App provides the best radio directory for Android devices. Music can be recorded from the radio even when you are on the move.

The latest update makes the Audials Radio App compatible with both Android smartphones and tablets. You can use it with all the latest Android tablets without any worry. It has a UI perfectly optimized for the devices with larger screen sizes. You can use the app in both portrait and landscape mode without any issues.

Everything is Legal About this App

This Android app is used only for recording streams and converting files in compliance with the international and US copyright laws. It is based on the simple concept of recording audio and video from multiple sources across the internet or local media. It records only unencrypted and unprotected data. Any DRM encrypted data is recorded when they are played back using the manufacturer software. Make sure that you use Audials Radio App only for personal purposes and not for sharing with others.

How to Get Audials Radio App?

The Audials Radio App is available from the Audials official website. You can also download it directly from within your Android phone or tablet by searching for the app in the Google Play store.

Overall, Audials Radio App is simply the most powerful recording app you can find. It is provided by a global award-winning tech provider. Recording audio from your favorite stations doesn’t have to be complicated any longer. This app makes it simple and quick like anything.