Who is the Baby Girl in Parle-G Commercial?

From childhood to till now, we are enjoying Parle-G biscuits. But the baby girl on the biscuits is remaining same as usual. Have you ever wondered who that baby girl is? Have you ever thought?

Parle-G was launched in the 1960s; from then to now she is on Parle-G biscuits cover.

Do not give more pressure on your mind. Here in this post, you will get complete details about that Parle-G baby girl. So go throughout t the post to know about that girl.

Who is the Baby Girl in Parle-G commercial

Many people searched a lot about that Parle-G girl, but they do not get the proper result. Recently a post on Quora revealed the identity of that baby girl.

She is from India, and the ad was selected by the company, she is dominating Parle-G biscuits cover from last 5 decades.

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The name of that baby girl is Neeru Deshpande, she is from Nagpur (Maharashtra).

That eye catching photo of baby is taken by her father, when she was only 4year old. Her father was not a good photographer, but photo was selected by the company.

Who is the Baby Girl in Parle-G commercial

Now, that baby girl is 65 year Old.

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