Barack Obama Meets Philippine President Even After “Abusive” Insult

US President Barack Obama met Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte informally on Wednesday to attend a gala dinner at the regional summit in Philippine. He met Philippine President after an abusive insult to the US president “Son of a whore.”

Image Credit: TOI
Image Credit: TOI

This meeting happened in a holding room just before the gala dinner of the regional summit and it was a mutually agreed meeting. No one has any idea what was this meeting about and what was its result. No one has any idea how long this meeting was going on. The only thing from this meeting comes into the spotlight that the relationship between Philippine and United states is very strong. They both can understand their nation’s historical relationship.

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From the report from White House, this meeting cannot be named as the private meeting. Barack Obama had a brief discussion with Philippine President Duterte just before heading to the ASEAN Gala Dinner.

Before the Gala Dinner night, Philippine President Duterte told the reporter on Monday that he would not accept questions from Barack Obama regarding the extrajudicial kills on the suspected drug dealers and users. More than 2,000 people have been killed during this crackdown on June 30. Duterte also referred Barack Obama “Son of a whore” during his interview on Monday with Philippine reporters.

On Tuesday, Duterte regret on his remarks. Despite this remark, US President met Philippine President on Wednesday in Gala Dinner which lasted an hour and 20 minutes.