Befikre Movie Review: Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor fail to set screen on fire

Despite of so many long and hard kisses and enough of exotic bedroom romance, Aditya Chopra fails to impress the audience.The movie offers a romance which never ignites us.


Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor are seen as the lead pair in the movie. And the Hindi romance flick is  directed by Aditya Chopra.Befikre has got every Yashraj film quality. What else can be better than Paris location?Ranveer Singh oozes the missing of an X factor which is required for a movie to be hit.Moreover, he is paired up with Vaani Kapoor who added a lot of fun and drama to previous Yashraj Picture ‘Prem Kahani’.The movie has got every possible element of a hit film, yet it could live up to the people’s expectations.
The movie has got some sparkling moments but most of the time it remains bland and predictable.

Dharam Gulati played by Ranveer Singh and Shyra Gill  played by Vaani Kapoor bump in with each other in an obligatory meeting. Then? Then they do, what Parisians do. They do: lock lips, long and hard.Whoa. And these are some really passionate scenes from movie.
The love between the two remains restricted to songs and dances never ignites up.
The movie is intended upon defining kissing as just a gesture of love or rather ‘pyaar ka izhaar’.You get to see the glimpses inspired from ‘500 days of summer’.

It would have needed more depth to do the magic. The movie is far away from.conventional love and conventional love norms and may be this is where it goes wrong.

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