Best Ways To Utilize SMS Campaigns In B2B Marketing In 2019

In this modern business scenario, SMSs have a great potential to inform people about a brand, new or old, a product launch or to make a new offer to entice them to make a purchase.

  • Studies have shown that buyers, general users and even the business decision makers use any type of mobile devices such as a smart phone, a laptop or a tablet to make product choices and buying decisions.
  • The studies also found that more that 50% of the B2B researchers use their mobile devices for any type of research while at work.

Since all these people who are important for your business use their mobile now more than ever it makes a lot of sense to use this platform to communicate with them. This increases your chances to reach out to them with your desired message as they are using it almost all the time. This is where the SMS marketing campaigns come in and are so handy and useful.

Several study reports show that:

  • People now are more tech savvy and use their mobile all the times for any info they require from the internet and
  • They are now becoming more accustomed to receiving SMS texts related to different businesses and brands.

Therefore, if you have not started already to use SMS as apart of your B2B marketing strategy then you are missing a fair amount of customers with each passing minute being unable to communicate with them. There is absolutely no reason to be reluctant to use a mass text message app in your SMS marketing campaign to communicate with your existing clients as well as to generate and pursue the new leads.

Few important facts to know

However, when it comes to incorporating SMS marketing with your B2B marketing techniques it is very important that you know a few important things.

To start with, you must know and analyze your customer base. This will help you in many different ways such as:

  • You will know exactly who will be reading your text messages
  • You will know what types of messages people look for and what are the most popular ones among your specific type of customers
  • You will be able to deliver things just as they want and according to their liking thereby increasing your chances of making a sale.

Next up, you should know how to impress these likely executives of your company. for this you should keep a few specific things in mind such as:

  • It is essentially required to maintain a formal tone throughout and never use any informal language while sending out your SMS messages and emails.
  • Try to make it as different as possible from those of your competitors but do not make it weird at any cost because weird messages are not the type that the customers are looking and rest assured that these will not be responded to immediately.
  • Moreover, customer journey is a hurried one and no consumer will want to get caught in something that is not productive or appealing. Therefore, it is important to create a message that is brief, precise, and easy to read and understand.
  • Customers nowadays make a buying decision after giving a lot of thought to it and considering the behindthescenes conversationsfor that matter. Therefore, you will need to make your message thoughtful and meaningful without pushing them to make a buying decision.
  • Time is also an important factor as customers have very little of it to waste. It is for this reason it is highly important to make sure that you send these messages after thinking carefully about the right time of day to send these.

The fact that SMSs has a higher open rate as compared to any other forms of marketing makes it so effective and popular among businesses.

The time factor

However, you can only make it useful and effective when you make sure that your customers receive meaningful messages during their free time.

  • As per the experts, the best time for sending B2B messages is within the business hours and preferably in the afternoons.
  • It is also suggested that you maintain a weekly calendar for the messages sent so that you can keep a track of how many messages are sent out each day. This will also help you to analyze the results, response and returns of your SMSs.

In order to make your SMS marketing more effective it will make more sense if you follow the twoway messaging approach.

This in fact is the most popular and easy way to promote a business or a brand. You can do this in different ways such as:

  • By including a phone number at the end of each of your message or
  • By including an URL in the end but make sure it is short so that your message is well within the 160 characters limit.

Though these may not be the most idyllic call for action however these are good enough elements to encourage the recipients of the SMSs to respond on their impulse and thereby reach out to your to make a business.

Another important and effective way is to advertise through shortcodeson all your promotional materials when you send an SMS. There are very good and valid reasons to say so.

  • SMS marketing is all about numbers and to play this numbers game in a better way these codes will be very helpful irrespective of the fact that your promotional material is very good by itself.
  • It will help you to stick to the perfect size of your list which will in turn determinethe success of your SMS marketing campaigns and grow your list of subscribers more organically.
  • When you promote your shortcodes over different channels such as fliers, stickers inside your store or emails, you will be effectively promoting the opt-in keywords.

Therefore, SMS marketing strategy is extremely crucial and pretty effective to eventually shapeup a pool of habitual buyers for your business, no matter of whatever kind.

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