Bigg Boss Season 10 – Apply here

If you have it in you, you might be one of the contestants.

If your clever, knows how to fight for your right, daring, outspoken then my dear friend leave your current profession and be the part of the most daring TV reality show. Well, we are talking about Bigg Boss 10, the television reality show which broadcasts on Colors Channel in India. Embolden developed the concept of this reality series in Netherlands by the name of Big Brother and based on same lines, the show developed in India is known as Bigg Boss 10. Bigg Boss has successfully rolled out 9 Seasons and one spin-off version thus establishing itself as one of the most popular reality TV series in India. Bigg Boss season 10 will launch in 2016.

Bigg Boss Season 10 Concept 

Bigg Boss 10 second PROMO
Bigg Boss 10 second PROMO

The reality television series is based on the concept of getting together some contestants which are known as housemates in a locked house and making them isolated from the rest of the world, television, mobile phone, newspaper and clock. They have no help from outside and the only person controlling them is the moderator and secretly seen by Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss is a reality show based on the original Dutch Big Brother format developed by John de Mol. Each week, housemates nominate two of their peers for eviction, and the housemates who receives the most nominations would face a public vote. Of these, one would eventually leave, having been “evicted” from the House. In the final week, housemates remaining will be public voted for who they wanted to win.

Contestants of Bigg Boss Season 10

The contestants in the Bigg Boss house have usually been celebrities but Bigg Boss season 10 will be different from the previous seasons as this season, the gates are open for all. For the first time, the controversial reality show will open its doors to the common people to appear as contestants along with the stars on its next season. Bigg Boss Season 10 casting (auditions and registration) is open for all Indians. Here’s the opportunity to be a part of Bigg Boss, showcase your talent and intelligence, and earn your way to name, fame and the prize money.

How to be the contestant of the Bigg Boss Season 10 show?

It’s simple to apply for the show. Go on the website and get yourself registered. You need to keep your video and photograph saved on your computer for successfully registering yourself. The deadline to apply in the Bigg Boss house is 31st May 2016 and the Bigg Boss team will travel across country in the search of some great game players.

You must check with yourself about the qualities they are looking forward for in the contestants. As per their two promos which have aired tells us they need people who are clever and daring.

The promo 1 shows the daring nature and the fighting spirit of the person where as the promo 2 says that : If you are clever, you might just make it as a contestant this year!

Well, if you feel you have the guts to face the television reality series and be a part of the study of human psychology. Then my dear friend go ahead and register yourself, we would love to see you on air. Please share your insights on the Bigg Boss season 10 in the comments section below and also if you are planning to be a part of it. Looking forward to know your views on Bigg Boss Season 10.

Bigg Boss 10 promo: If you are clever, you might just make it as a contestant this year!