Bike Rental And Sharing Provides Economic And Environmental Benefits

In this modern world where there is a growing concern over the environmental condition all over the world, the introduction and rise of bike rental companies seem to be a welcome relief. This provides a lot of benefits to the commuters, to the environment, to the economy as well apart from the business itself.

As a commuter, they now do not have to:

  • Wait endlessly for the public transportation
  • Fight for a place to sit
  • Walk the remaining distance to the bust stop or metro station and
  • Be at the mercy of the driver.

They can now ride their bike just as they want and reach from point A to point B without requiring breaking their journey and availing different modes of commuting. It is like ‘being your own boss’ whether it is in your workplace or while commuting from home to office and back.

As for the bike rental companies, they can now make the most out of the rise in demand of bike rentals and earn handsome profits. This in turn helps the economy of the country which is dependent on the business sector mainly. It will significantly reduce the expenditure of the government due to fewer vehicles on the roads.

It is also a source of incremental revenue for the local authorities and the owners offering parking space for these bikes.

The switch to sharing and renting bikes by the commuters has had significant positive benefits to the environment as well.

  • This is a rapid transport and its adoption by the masses will lower energy and fuel consumption by a significant margin.
  • It will also mean that there will be a far too less vehicles in number on the roads emitting that harmful carbon monoxide gas to the air thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

Typically, renting and riding bikes is the greenest way of transportation that will not only help the world to be less polluted but also help the riders to stay fit, fine and healthy because this also happens to be the best form of exercise, believe it or not.

Therefore, when you rent bike New York you actually bring in better results and benefit yourself, the government as well as the environment on the whole. Want any other reason to make switch if you have not already?

The bike rental market

With each passing day the market for bike rental seems to be growing in leaps and bounds. Currently, this market share is estimated to be at least $7 billion. The demand for bike rental in all forms is on the rise and it is not showing any signs of slowing down. These different forms of bike rental include:

  • Weekday bike sharing
  • Weekend bike rental
  • Long term adventure travel
  • Short term errands
  • Point A to point A and
  • Point A to point B bike rental.

With the rise in demand, bike rental business has also facilitated in utilization of space and providing employment as well. Ideally, these bikes are to be picked up by the commuter after hiring from a designated parking space and to be left at another similar space after reaching their destination and lock up with chains. Both these parking spots are supervised by a person to ensure easy and smoother picking up and returning of bikes.

The bike sharing trend

If you think globally, bike sharing is nothing new. This is actually a traditional trend found in China long time back where they provided station-less or dock-less bike sharing services. The only difference is that the pickup and drop off sites of the bikes were chosen by the bike rental company and were not as the designated parking spots that you find today that are formally allotted by the municipalities across the city.

Modern bike rental business is also very tech savvy. This makes the bike rental process much smoother, simpler and faster.

  • You can now download and use the bike sharing app to spot an available bike on the map within your vicinity.
  • When you book a bike and confirm the booking there is an OTP is shared with you. This is actually the lock to the bike that you have chosen
  • All you have to do now is type in the OTP into the keypad fitted on the bike to unlock it and use it.

The parking areas are also very carefully chosen to ensure easy accessibility of the bikes for the commuters. The most common area where you will see such bikes for rental parked may include:

  • The metro stations
  • The petrol pumps
  • The bus terminals
  • Outside offices
  • Near housing societies
  • Near the colleges
  • The markets
  • The malls and others.

All these are within the parking networks where you will need to leave the vehicle at the end of your ride. You must do one more thing before you leave the spot. You will need to punch in the OTP code once again on the bike to lock it before you leave.

Eating up cab sharing market

With several such bike rental companies coming up all over the city now you do not even have to hire cabs such as Uber or Lyft. Meaning, the bike rental industry is eating up the once magnanimous share of these cab sharing companies. These car sharing companies had a very high market share as far as private transportation is concerned ranging within 75 to 80% of the total market share.

With the bike rental business growing up and people being more concerned about their money and cost effectiveness, health reasons as well as environmental concerns, cab rides in the nation is seeing a downward surge of late.  The cost of travelling the same distance in these cabs is much higher as compared to the cost of travelling on a rented bike. It is for this reason that you see such a rise in demand of bike rental on a global scale.

Therefore, bike rental business has now not only provided health, environmental and monetary benefits but has also offered sustainable mobility solutions.

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