Bipasha is Keeping a Close-Eye on Hubby Karan Singh Grover; WHY??

Exactly when you thought a specific as of late wedded couple will no more come back to the spotlight after their viral ‘Monkeymoon’, the ‘Goodness! So profoundly in Love’ love-feathered creatures; Bipasha and Karan demonstrate you off-base.

Following the time when the twosomes romantic tale came into spotlight, media has been in a free for all to catch each snippet of their life. Right from their wedding arrangements to their insane special first night, the world appeared to have the goodies into their own life; not that the twosome had no part to play in making it viral!


Since the couple has returned from Maldives finishing their ‘Monkeymoon’, seems as though they plan to sunrise the business at the end of the day. This time for once, not for their hot pictures, but rather their acting profession. *Sigh of Relief*

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Since both, Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are wellness specialists; it’s Bipasha who has a more drawn out standing profession in Bollywood.Knowing the business somewhat superior to anything her hubby, Bipasha has taken it upon herself to give Karan Singh Grover the amazing rebound to the extra large screen.What’s more, how can she plan to isn’t that right? Goodness yes! More work-outs! Presently, hasn’t that worked ponders each and every time.


The minding wifey that Bipasha is, she has not recently taken to entirely disregarding Karan’s workout administrations, but on the other hand is taking care of his eating routine, hair and styling. Intending to get KSG perfectly healthy for the business, Bipasha Basu has taken up the part of being his fitness coach. How charming!

According to a main every day, KSG is experiencing a monstrous make-over as he’s preparing for a portfolio with a prominent style picture taker. Aiming to course the photos to creation houses to get himself a part, KSG is taking each guidance offered by wifey-deary genuinely.

Great going KSG. Concentrate on your Bollywood vocation and Bipasha, a nearby watch on hubby dependably proves to be useful. If you catch my drift!