Broadcast of Indian TV Channels bans by Pakistan

Just two after, when people from Indian movie industry bans Pakistani artist, Pakistan bans broadcast of India TV channels, ANI reported. PEMRA, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority release a statement which reveals that strict move would be made if TV channels and all distribution networks failed to implement this law from 15th October. This announcement has been made after receiving numerous complaints from local and private channels who are still displaying India, daily sops, reality shows, and drama with any permission.

Indian TV Channels bans by Pakistan
Credit: IBMtimes

“The complaints have demonstrated genuine concerns about the issue which is in the wake of current differences amongst Pakistan and India”, further added PEMRA.In order to protest 19th September Uri’s terror attack, the IMPPA Indian Motion Picture Producers Association issued a resolution banning Pakistani performing artists and experts from working in India until relations between the two nations become normal.

In striking back, Pakistani silver screens have officially bans screening Indian movies in “solidarity” with the nation’s military. Nadeem Mandvi walla, who’s Mandvi walla Entertainment,is running eight silver screens in Karachi and Islamabad, told Reuters on Friday that the boycot t in Pakistan was because of the IMPPA boycott.

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