Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas to Woo Your Darling

It is said, “It’s not the gift, but the thought that counts”. This goes true especially for Valentine’s Day. This day is for all whether well-to-do or badly off in money. The status of wealth does not measure love. Whether you are a rich or a poor, you may have someone whom you passionately love and want to express it on Valentine’s Day. You should bear in mind that you can express it in the most remarkable way even with low budget if you are smart enough to learn about cheap Valentine’s Day ideas.

Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas
Cheap Valentine’s Day Ideas

Your true feelings can fabulously be expressed through the most loving Valentine’s Day gifts which are also easy on the pocket and come with beautiful packing. Yes, you can even show your emotions to your beloved by spending below $10 on this universal lover’s day. The first thought strikes into the mind of your beloved is not the price, but the feelings and emotions you have put into the choice and packing. Let us know about a sufficient list of the cheap and good Valentine’s Day gifts.

good Valentine’s Day gifts
good Valentine’s Day gifts

There are various gifts for Valentine’s Day you can purchase to show your feelings. Yet, all of them are not the most appealing and romantic ones at reasonable price. Therefore, you must know the most remarkable gifts for Valentine’s Day, which are also affordable.

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1. Soft Toy

There are lots of soft toys in the market as Valentine’s Day gifts for both boys and girls such as:

  • Cute, soft velvety bear or any other soft toy either showing a red hearty with the note” I Love You” or putting on a little cute red woven jumper with lots of hearts on it
  • Pink bear with pink colored little hearts, velvety bunnies with red heart like feet pads
  • A fabulous red colored monkey or puppy with heart in place of nose or other soft and cute toys like this

2. Chocolate and Sweet Treats

Chocolate and Sweet Treats
Chocolate and Sweet Treats

Chocolates and sweet treats are one of the cheap Valentine’s Day ideas. You can purchase a chocolate for your girlfriend or boyfriend with a wrapper having roses or hearts. You can also think of bars having wrappers with note “Be Mine”, if you are going to propose someone on this day. Another brilliant Valentine’s Day gift is filling a jar with different Valentine’s Day themed bars, chocolates, and lollipops for your beloved as a creative and novel love gift.

3. Mug


Mug is known to be one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. But, it is not only romantic, it is also reasonable one. You have to spend very less from your pocket on the purchase of a beautiful coffee mug with Valentine’s Day quotes like “Be Mine” or “I Love You”.

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4. Baking

Though girls are keen to prepare creative Valentine’s Day gifts through baking, yet boys can also get advantage of it if they know how to bake. Making heart-shaped beautiful cookies or cakes having red or pink icing in form of texts or hearts is one of the cheap Valentine’s Day ideas. If you can’t bake, you can buy homemade cookies of different romantic shapes from bakery to gift your beloved.

5. Jewelry

You can purchase jewelry on reasonable bargain at the special occasion on the internet. Rings, studs, earrings, necklace, bracelets, and other jewelry items are reasonable Valentine’s Day ideas if you purchase them on special prices of the day from some source.

6. Rose


Rose has been the most exceptional and best expression of love since the first one blossomed on the planet earth, perhaps. Whether one or in abundance, roses can become the strongest symbol of love and passion for your beloved.

7. Book

If your lover understands the value of books as gifts or is fond of reading, you can pick up some excellent book having Valentine’s Day title on it to present. To fit the occasion, various books are available in the market with romantic quotes for Valentine’s Day and covers to become an expression of your love on this valentine.

8. Watch Box

Watch Box
Watch Box

Do you know watch boxes for both boys and girls can be purchased with low budget even lower than $1? Yes, there are some trendy and stylish brands of watch boxes in the market costing only $0.5. It is also one of the cheap Valentine’s Day ideas, and displays your love in unique way. You can purchase a heart-shaped pink watch box with glossy cover to gift her. Or if you want it to present to your boyfriend, get some blue colored box of cute shape to please him.

9. Creative Cushions

Creative Cushions
Creative Cushions

Creative cushions of heart-shaped in different fresh colors are available with love notes. This soft gift will please him/her a lot. He/she will hug it at night when sleeping and keep all the time in bedroom with him/her. This fact will give you hearty joy and satisfaction that your love is always around your beloved, even during sleeping. Creative cushions and pillows are the most beautiful Valentine’s Day ideas.

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10. Body Sprays

Body sprays mean giving a gift of fragrance. Hence, they are not only reasonable, but also romantic gifts for Valentine’s Day. There is a huge range of body sprays for girls and boys in the market. You can select according to the range you are in position to spend on this valentine.

11. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are also one of the cheap Valentine’s Day ideas that come in huge variety. You can purchase

  • A pink heart-shaped umbrella of small sized
  • A red heart-shaped umbrella as the best expression of love
  • A white umbrella with lots of tiny red hearts on it
  • A plane umbrella with the boundary of red hearts in circle
  • A customized umbrella with love notes over it
  • A set of very small sized heart-shaped cool umbrellas
  • An umbrella with lots of tiny red roses printed over it
  • A plain umbrella in some beautiful color with smile and love expression over it

You can purchase all above cool Valentine’s Day gifts at the most reasonable price for the strongest expression of love on this valentine.