Check Out! Why Donald Trump Called PM Narendera Modi

In accordance to the India Time, On Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi received a call from US President Donald Trump, that’s the very conversation help between the two leaders since Donald Trump assumed office. This official call apparently went for guaranteeing progression, and conceivably improvement, of close ties between the two nations.

The Trump White House called India, Trump’s fifth to world pioneers after the new US President had discussions with pioneers of Washington’s two quick neighbors, Canada and Mexico, on Saturday, and successively with pioneers of Israel and Egypt on Sunday.

Credit: IndianExpress

The way that Donald Trump addresses New Delhi in front of Beijing, Moscow, Tokyo or any of the European capitals focuses to the non-questionable yet profound nature of US ties with India, which have been founded on a bipartisan accord in both nations.

Apart from all this, British PM Theresa May will be the main world pioneer to visit Washington to meet President Trump on Friday, bearing witness to the United States’ nearby ties with its motherland.

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