Check Out, What made Ranveer Singh to read History Books

Ranveer Singh, who is well-known to get into characters that he is playing for his movies, seems leaving no stones for upcoming film, ‘Padmavati‘, which is directed by the famous director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Nowadays, this meticulous actor is spending a lot of time in diction classes along with this he is attempting to read everything about “Alauddin Khilji”, whose role Ranveer is going to play in the ‘Padmavati’. However, he is also spending long hours working to have a perfect physique to match the character.

Credit: buzzfeed
Credit: buzzfeed

As we all know that Khilji is a dark character in real life. Ranveer Singh is spending a lot of time in gathering relevant information about this character from the history. All credit goes to the director Bhansali, who instructed Ranveer to read history of khilji and Hitler in order to understand the psyche of such kind of people.

In accordance to history, Alauddin Khilji was an oppressor and destroyed other kingdoms of that time to expand his rule in India. We are eagerly waiting to know, weather history books will help Ranveer to get what he is looking for not.

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