Check Out! Why Opposition Plans to Boycott Narendra Modi for Raincoat Jibe

As Parliament sessions are going into break, the Congress leaders has start making their plans to boycott PM Modi amid the remainder of the Budget session that continuing on 9thMarch, requesting that Modi “introspect and express lament” for his “raincoat” spike on Manmohan Singh. Anand Sharma, Deputy leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha, told media officials, “The last section of the story scripted by the PM will be composed by the opposition ends.”

Opposition Plans to Boycott Modi for Raincoat Jibe

On Thursday, various other parties including Congress, DMK, TMC, JDU, SP, and all other left parties held a gatherings to chalk out procedure and are probably going to counsel again in the between session period.

While it was the latest day of the pre-break session, the gatherings seem anxious to bear on their challenge in the second half. In what sounded unfavorable for the administration, Sharma said Congress will receive a uniform position for both Houses.However, the entire March session’s trajectory will going to be dictated totally on the basis of election possibilities to five states on 11 March, just two days after Parliament reconvenes.

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