Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas to Wow Your Partner

Though there is plenty of time to go before Valentine’s Day, starting your preparations early means you can have a wonderful surprise ready for your partner. Here are some cute Valentine’s Day 2017 ideas that you can follow, or draw inspiration from.

Valentine’s Day ideas
Valentine’s Day ideas

The Way to One’s Heart is through their Stomach

Who does not like to be pampered by way of some food? A great Valentine’s Day idea is to prepare a meal or at least a snack for your partner to enjoy. If you have never tried your hand at cooking before, or have only met with moderate to no success in that quarter, you could still find some very easy recipes online. The important thing here is that you have to put effort into this, making your Valentine’s Day gifts extremely special. Here are some more specific suggestions:

Valentine's Day gifts
Valentine’s Day gifts
  • A box full of cookies or some candy will do very well. Making cookies look right for this occasion is not difficult at all; you can add some pink food coloring to the batter. You could even buy something delicious and then make it your own by writing on it with icing. Get imaginative and creative, and this can be one of those cute Valentine’s Day ideas that your partner will adore you for.
  • If you are rushed for time, some simple beverage, too, can be very romantic and nice. You will be able to find plenty of recipes online that can be readied in the twinkling of an eye.

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  • Perhaps you want to pull out all stops and set up a veritable feast for the one you love. In that case, you could begin with the beginning of the day itself. Heart-shaped pancakes or cinnamon rolls can be perfect for breakfast and start it off on the note of love.
  • You can add a special touch to any other meal by making dessert that is Valentine’s Day  themed. Plenty of chocolate, strawberries, and sweetness will hit just the right spot.

Say it with Paper

For more than a century, greeting cards have been an easy but perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Instead of purchasing a greeting card, you can make one yourself. The simple ones can merely have your fingerprints marked on them as a unique work of art for your partner. You can also try some pop-up cards. Templates for these can be found online, and you can customize the same as much as you like. This works more in your favor than those good Valentine’s Day gifts.

good Valentine’s Day gifts.
good Valentine’s Day gifts.

If you want to try something that takes a little more effort, some origami can be just right. From basic folded hearts to more intricate ones, to paper flowers such as roses (be sure to look for the ‘Kawasaki rose’ too), origami can be the right way to show your dedication to your partner. There are some very complex and beautiful patterns out there, which are just right for making a loved one happy, so get searching now! With the level of difficulty of some of the patterns, you might just need to practice a lot to become perfect.

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Other things that you can do with paper to get across your message of love include kirigami, or paper-cutting and folding, or some quilling, which involves painstakingly rolling thin strips of paper into different shapes to create a larger picture. Looking online for inspiration will definitely be of great help to you with these crafts.

Set the Mood Right

Perhaps all that you need to make Valentine’s Day special is your partner’s company. Then again, you can make company even sweeter by creating the right ambiance. Valentine’s Day projects that you take on in this category can be of many kinds. You can make some simple garlands to hang about the home, such as those made of paper hearts. You can take things a notch up and make some other decorations, such as scented candles, or just some pretty candle holders. This will definitely give your home the face-lift that it needs for Valentine’s Day.

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas
Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas

In a similar vein, you can leave little love-notes all around the home. Writing a small message of love on a bathroom mirror will ensure that your partner breaks into a smile right in the morning, as this will be one of the first things she sees. This is certainly one of the cutest Valentine’s Day ideas ever, and takes nothing but a bit of sneakiness, so they don’t see you writing the message the night before.

For those in Long distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are tough to maintain, and things are especially galling when everyone else is celebrating Valentine’s Day. Still, it is worth it to hold on, and you can certainly take help of some cute Valentine’s Day ideas 2017 to make your partner feel special, no matter how far apart you may be physically.

For those in Long distance Relationships
For those in Long distance Relationships
  • ‘Open when…’ letters are certainly very popular and everyone seems to be writing them, but they are a trend that you should consider giving in to, as they guarantee the happiness of your partner on receiving them.
  • Art made with maps showing the two places that you both are currently at can also be relevant. You could make a greeting card or a wall-hanging in this manner.
  • A care package full of nice things is another idea you can go with. You could send them a box full of things to eat (you will easily find online lists of food that withstands mailing), small useful items, and so on. If you get creative, there really is no limit to how wonderful you can make such a package. Don’t just use ideas you read elsewhere: take your partner’s likes into account.

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Hopefully, from among all of these cute Valentine’s Day ideas you will find some that are suitable for you and your partner. Make sure you create something for him/her that comes from the heart, and have fun while doing so. Your beloved is to love you for the pains you have taken for him/her.