Dangal box office collection day 12: Rs. 284.69 crore in domestic market and Rs. 141.60 crore in the overseas market

Aamir Khan has become the desire of all the filmmakers in bollywood. Everyone wants to work with the perfectionist Aamir Khan.

Dangal was not just a film but a mixture of right kind of honesty and right intentions that did all the wonders we are witnessing now. It really takes a lot of guts to empty your soul and let the world take a sneak peek inside. One has to dream and believe and then the world believes it. That belief and honesty were well exhibited in Dangal released on 23rd December 2016.

Credit: livemint 

Dangal has tremendous collection of Rs 284.69 crore in the domestic market and Rs 141.60 crore in the overseas market. Before few days, dangal over takes the so far biggest hit of bollywood Salman Khan starrer Sultan which was also released in year 2016.  Undoubtedly, Aamir Khan is a dreamer. The films he chooses to do are always great adventure for one’s soul. We must admit the creativity, presentation and ideas in Dangal are so amazing that they never become dull at any point of time throughout the movie.

You feel so alive and crave for more living with those earthly, imperfect characters of the movie crafted through months of patience and preseverance.A film which is rooted in reality manages to work as fantasy as well.  Most of the time, we see adulterated cinema, but Aamir’s honesty and sincerity putforth a rare film which touches our souls. Most of the times, we become victim of filmmakers’ deceitful and misguiding views. Our longing and desire to witness sometime real and worth watching is buried deep inside when we are served with the same old wine in new glasses again and again years after years. And then comes Dangal restoring your faith in cinema.

You just cannot avoid surrendering yourself to the film.You miraculously speak with the mind of its actors and directors. Without Aamir Khan dangal wouldn’t be possible. Also Aamir Khan couldn’t do all the miracle only with his acting if Dangal was not a true saga based on the struggle and heroism of Mahavir Phogat. Putting all the things together, the film did all the wonders.And now with such big box office numbers, Aamir Khan has become dream of all the filmmaker of bollywood.

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