Day 27 July, today marks as first death anniversary of late APJ Abdul Kalam

Today the nation remembers respected APJ Abdul Kalam on his first death anniversary.

Last year Dr. Kalam took his last breath in Shillong. He was 83years old. It was 27th July 2015, when the nation was blown away with a shocking news; that “Dr. Kalam is no more!”
The news spread across the nation and other countries as well within seconds and the people broke out in grief and pain.

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Death anniversary of late APJ Abdul Kalam

Thousands of mourners- young or old; every heart cried.

The body of Dr. Kalam was taken to his home in Delhi on July 28. The people of Delhi waited for him in a sultry heat for hours to pay him the last respect. And so many condolences were held.

The government announced a national mourning of seven days in his honor.
Narendra Modi, congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and chief ministers of few states took part in last rites after Dr. Kalam’s ‘Namaz-e-Janaza’

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was also known as ‘father of India’s missile defense program’.
He was on of the most loved president of India. In fact, he was favorite of children of the nation.

He was the 11th president of India born in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering.

Reverent Dr kalam received many prestigious awards in his lifetime like Padma Bhushan Award on 28 the March 1981 and Bharat Ratna.

We love him the most. And he will always stay alive in our hearts.
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