Dengue Spirals Out of Control in India

Frequent cases of Dengue in various major states, including U.P, West Bengal, Telangana, and Kerala have crossed the alarming proportion ratios though a few more weeks are left before this disease incidence typically falls.

Pic Credit: turner
Pic Credit: turner

Among all above states, West Bengal lies among the most affected states, where approx 24 deaths have been reported this year. Whereas the death counts for people suffering from Dengue in 2015 was 14. Yet, as compared to last year (8,156 cases of Dengue), 5,600 cases have been reported in 2016. In accordance to the officials, this ratio will be increasing in coming weeks till the “dengue season” remains.
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Doctors blame “civic failure” for the purpose of increasing high number of deaths in this year. “Casualties are increasing in areas where stagnant water is the main cause of error. In fact, this disease starts spreading from the Norther Suburbs, where deaths because of dengue are increasing beyond the alarming ratio.” Debashish Saha, a consultant at AMRI Hospital, told media representatives.

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