Dhoni Finally Reveals Why He Collects Stumps After Every Victory

Any individual who has watched cricket in the most recent decade will have seen MS Dhoni‘s propensity for gathering a stump to remember each triumph. The Lt Colonel of the Indian Territorial Army’s curious post-amusement custom has the vast majority of us estimating about the explanation for the conduct. Despite the fact that we as a whole have our renditions for why he does it, we never knew the answer. As of recently.

So why precisely does the wicketkeeper-batsman take a stump for every triumph?

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni

The purposes for this custom has been the reason for much hypothesis for Dhoni fans.

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There have been stories behind the demonstration, running from the prophetic to the totally unbelievable. Some say, Dhoni’s zodiac sign being Cancer gives him the identity characteristic of being a chronic hoarder. Another implausible story asserted that Dhoni has been gathering stumps to help one of his companions assemble a wall around his home with it (genuinely uneconomic thought, on the off chance that you ask me).

Be that as it may, Dhoni as of late clarified the genuine explanation for his accumulation.

In a late meeting with BCCI.tv, Dhoni clarified the thought behind gathering the stumps as memorabilia. He said, “That is my retirement arrangement. The good thing is that I do gather a considerable measure of stumps yet the terrible one is I don’t put an imprint as to which coordinate they were from. In this way, after I resign I’ll watch the recordings of all my matches, take a gander at the backers logos on the stumps and make sense of which match a stump has a place with. It will be my post-cricket relax!”