Discover Some of the Best Instagram Analytics Tools that Every Business Must Use

Today you have easy access to a broad spectrum of Instagram analytics tools. Moreover, you do not have to restrict yourself to only one. If you are a social media marketing professional, you must know how successful Instagram is at the moment. Instagram currently boasts of over 1 billion monthly active users and has more than 400 million users using Instagram Stories on a daily basis. Instagram is not just appreciated by individuals but it is also, loved by brands and marketers because of its versatility and vibrancy as a social media platform. It is extremely popular, visually appealing, and provides a friendly ecosystem for marketers and diverse businesses.

Over 80 percent of the Instagrammers follow a minimum of one business account and 60 percent admit that they have been using the platform for discovering new products. Once the advertisers have realized this fact they are all set to invest more than 10 billion dollars in 2019 on Instagram ads. Businesses are choosing a niche tool to help them with their influencer stratagem or their next Instagram contest. Often brands opt for a robust tool that is powerful enough to deal with multiple posting schedule and multiple accounts. Let us discuss some of the top Instagram analytics tools that you must use in 2019 to boost your business.

Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is an effective tool that covers engagement, impressions, top posts and reach among other valuable metrics. This information could be broken down over a period of few months to even a few years that are of pivotal importance for historical performance. Moreover, Instagram Insights allows easy access to vital audience demographics so that you could easily determine the exact percentage of male followers or female followers, where the majority of your followers actually come from, and age groups.

As per, Instagram Insights is supposed to be an amazing way of obtaining basic analytics relating to your account, your followers, your posts, etc. It provides a host of diverse data and information from the number of users that visited your profile during the past week to precisely the time when most of your followers are usually online. Instagram Insights is available exclusively to business profiles or those accounts that have massive engagement and have an impressive number of followers and get real Instagram likes on a consistent basis.

Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite is surely a fantastic place for focusing on goal-related metrics for tracking your progress and also, creating visual reports. It is an effective Instagram scheduler but also, boasts of an analytics suite. Hootsuite Analytics could help you see data and important information from the past. It helps in comparing metrics over precise time spans for getting a historical perspective. You could use the tool for running customizable reports whenever you desire so. It could further help you see the performance of specific posts utilizing your preferred metrics.

Hootsuite could be used for monitoring the response time of your account in all your customer service conversations. We know that Hootsuite boasts of competitive analysis and social listening tools that could be used effectively for contextualizing your company’s social data in a much wider landscape. Moreover, the greatest advantage of Hootsuite is that it supports a host of other social media platforms apart from Instagram. As such it could help you in successfully integrating all your analytics across all platforms in a single place.

Sprout Social

If you are thinking in terms of developing a customer report and also, spying on all your Instagram competitors, you must opt for Sprout Social. You could successfully use the tool for tracking likes, comments, and follower growth, etc. with the help of a visual graph. Moreover, it could help you in tracking similar data for all your competitor accounts for assessing how you are performing vis-à-vis your competitors.


Instagram analytics are important for better understanding your audience so that you could custom tailor all your content far more effectively. You must choose one or more of the top Instagram analytics tools to make the most of the data available to you and help your business grow and prosper.