Donald Trump 45th US President Path to White House

Donald Trump, who effectively crusade for the White House broke each custom and overturned the political foundation with a similar bluster along with media dominance that represents his world’s well-known businessmen. During his victory speech, Trump symbolize supporters at the rally early on Wednesday he had gotten a call from his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton, praising him on his triumph.

Credit: indianexpress
Credit: indianexpress

Donald Trump, from his Trump Tower, lift entrance into the Republican presidential race that was started from 16-June-2016 16, he figured out how to plan effective strategies to taste this victory.

It was Trump’s first attempt to reach for public office, and Trump who is well-known as real estate developer, a TV star, and self-admitted proprietor of a really big ego, called it a movement, not a campaign battle. He drew substantial, eager group to revive where individuals cheered him for “trying to say what everyone’s thinking.” Critics named him misanthropic, ill-educated, un-presidential, a hypocrite, a sexual predator, and a revolutionary, all allegations he denied and now become the 45th US President.

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